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Episode 1072

World While Having a Profitable Cleaning Business: How This Owner does it!: Episode 1072


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Episode 1072 – Traveling the World While Having a Profitable Cleaning Business: How This Owner does it!


Hey, Cleaning Nation! Welcome back to another episode, and today we’re thrilled to revisit a familiar face, Marie Jedd, the powerhouse behind Marie’s Promise Clean Home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Mike Campion is here to guide us through Marie’s incredible journey of transforming her business and embracing the freedom to travel.

Marie's Initial Struggles:

In a candid conversation with Mike, Marie opens up about her initial hesitation to travel. Before implementing crucial changes, she felt tied to her business, unable to disconnect. Despite attending live events and witnessing inspiring transformations, fear held her back. The turning point came when Marie realized that waiting for things to magically improve wasn’t a viable strategy.

Building a Foundation for Freedom:

Marie highlights the pivotal role systems played in her newfound ability to travel. Hiring strategically and empowering her team to take on responsibilities allowed her to step away without compromising the business’s efficiency. This was a crucial shift, moving from a one-person show to a well-oiled machine capable of functioning seamlessly even in her absence.

Triumphs and Trials of Travel:

Marie shares her travel itinerary for 2023, including trips to Scottsdale, New York, Seattle, Cape Cod, Punta Cana, Phoenix, and Prague. With each excursion, she encountered new challenges and joys. The best part? Marie found herself able to be present during her travels, focusing on family time and exploration, a luxury she had previously deemed impossible.

Learning to Let Go:

A key lesson from Marie’s journey is the importance of letting go. Many business owners fear relinquishing control, believing that only they can handle all aspects. Marie’s experience challenges this notion, showing that empowering others to take on responsibilities not only lightens the load but also opens the door to personal freedom.

Encouragement for Fellow Entrepreneurs:

In closing, Marie offers a piece of advice to those grappling with similar challenges. She urges fellow entrepreneurs to overcome the fear of delegation, emphasizing that while nobody may care about your business as much as you do, a competent team can handle tasks effectively. The path to freedom, she suggests, begins with learning to let go.


Marie’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of strategic business changes. From a reluctant business owner tied to her work to someone who can confidently explore the world, her story serves as both inspiration and a roadmap for those yearning to balance business success with personal freedom. Join us next time as we continue to explore the dynamic world of Cleaning Nation!

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