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Episode 971

From Frustration to Transformation: Marie's Journey Part 1: Episode 971


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Episode 971
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Episode 971 – From Frustration to Transformation: Marie's Journey Part 1: Episode 971


In this two-part podcast series, Mike Campion interviews special guest Marie Jedd, the founder of Maie’s Promise Clean Home. Marie shares her incredible journey from struggling with her cleaning business to experiencing remarkable progress after joining Cleaning Nation. Part one of the podcast focuses on Marie’s initial challenges, her decision to seek help, and the significant changes she made to her business. This blog post provides a summary of the podcast episode, highlighting Marie’s key insights and transformations.

Recognizing the Need for Change:

Marie initially found herself hating her business and feeling overwhelmed. She openly admits her frustrations and highlights the importance of being honest with oneself about the state of their business. It’s crucial to acknowledge when something isn’t working and to seek solutions rather than pushing problems under the rug.

Discovering Grow My Cleaning Company:

Marie had been a listener of the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast and a follower of Mike on Instagram since she started her cleaning business. She contemplated joining the coaching program early on but faced resistance from her business partner. However, after a series of setbacks and realizing the need for guidance, Marie decided to give Grow My Cleaning Company a chance.

The Transformative Live Event:

Marie attended a live event organized by Grow My Cleaning Company, where she gained clarity and motivation. From the very first night, Marie felt a sense of transformation and knew that she had to be a part of the coaching program. The event provided her with invaluable insights and strategies that she immediately implemented in her business.

Revolutionizing the Business:

One of Marie’s significant challenges was finding reliable employees for her cleaning company. With the guidance of Mike, Marie learned to identify her core values and seek individuals who shared those values. By changing her approach to hiring and conducting interviews, Marie was able to double her staff within a short period, resulting in increased productivity and better quality work.

Overcoming Resistance:

Marie openly admits that she initially resisted some of Mike’s suggestions, particularly when it came to company vehicles. However, she eventually recognized the wisdom in his advice and implemented the changes, experiencing positive outcomes. Marie’s willingness to challenge ideas and take action demonstrates her commitment to growth and improvement.

The Ripple Effect on Life:

The changes Marie made in her business had a profound impact on her personal life as well. By addressing the pain points in her business and making necessary adjustments, Marie found a renewed sense of fulfillment and joy. The transformation of her business translated into an improved quality of life, allowing her to embrace her role as a single mother and pursue her dreams with confidence.


Marie’s journey with Grow My Cleaning Company serves as an inspiring example of the power of seeking guidance and taking action. By confronting the challenges in her business head-on and implementing the strategies she learned, Marie was able to revolutionize her cleaning company and improve her overall well-being. Her story reminds us of the importance of honesty, openness to change, and the value of expert guidance in achieving success. Stay tuned for part two of this podcast series to learn more about Marie’s remarkable transformation and continued growth.
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