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Mike spent the last 25 years as an entrepreneur making big expensive mistakes so YOU can make smarter, better mistakes.

Get REAL results with a PROVEN system!


Mike Campion

Founder of Grow My Service Company
Host of Grow My Service Company Podcast
NOT a two time Olympic Champion and
NEVER appeared on Broadway.



Mike grew up broke in the Phoenix ghetto raised by a single mom who worked hard at a string of crappy jobs to provide. Dependent on welfare, they couldn’t even afford a car. Keep in mind a typical summer day in Phoenix is over 110 degrees which is a bundle of fun when walking to and waiting for the bus, walking, biking and sitting around being broke.

When Mike graduated from high school, he wanted to go to college but, did we mention that whole broke thing?

With no college degree, he got the best “real adult job” he thought he could get, slinging steel (that’s us trying to make “used car sales” sound cool.) Not real bright, but semi good looking, he figured out how to sneak into the top 25% of sales people his first year.

I Need


Even though the money was good (for a kid who grew up POOR), Mike could see the writing on the wall.

It wasn’t a good long term opportunity. The “old guys” he worked with told him how much they regretted never going out and learning “a real skill”…

Being “stuck” selling cars the rest of their lives…

The people “in charge” weren’t bright. He wasn’t going to get a promotion anytime soon. Even if he did, it looked a lot like hard work and decent pay…

But not wealth building pay.

The Price Of


So, he did what any newly married, temporarily insane entrepreneur to be, would do…

Saved every cent he could for a couple of years, gave every penny of it to someone else (along with more debt than he could wrap his young mind around) and rolled the dice on a Servicemaster Commercial Cleaning Franchise.

Back fresh from 2 weeks of training at the headquarters in Memphis, TN, he was ready to take on the world…

Until he opened the front door and saw… It.

A yellow sticky note. Four words. “We quit- The Employees”

It was do or die time.



Cue the sad music montage of Mike interviewing people during the day & cleaning toilets at night. Slowly pulling it together, hiring his first team and making his first business sale!

A quarter million… American. Real money back in the day!

Like the hopeless addict he was, he took that sexy pile of cash and bought another business. Genius that he was, he worked himself right out of a marriage. Idiot.

Long story sad, the judge awarded a large big, fat, hairy settlement to his ex. So big, so fat and so hairy, Mike had no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Out loud. For real. Do not recommend.

Everything was gone. No marriage. No money. Years of hard work wiped out.



Before you start openly weeping- things got better! Unable to work like a dog, deal with a divorce, and maintain sanity, Mike was forced to discover systems. Working smarter, not harder and without the whole “alienating the people I love” bit.

Fast forward a couple years of “Mike learning the hard way”, he built and sold a couple multi million-dollar businesses, for seven figures each.

Finally! All the financial freedom he could want! But… still addicted to entrepreneuring (possibly not a word…), and too crappy at golf to retire, Mike decided to save the cleaning world from making the millions of dollars and decades of mistakes he made.

So What And


Want to live a life putting out fires, or putting in systems? If you want to work ON your business instead of IN it so your business can serve you instead the other way around… You, and your shiny new BFF, are in the right place.

If you want to be the next success story, check out the free Masterclass on the annoying, fun button to the right!

get to know us


Meet the dream team who is committed everyday to help YOU gain REAL results with a PROVEN system instead of trying to “figure it out” on your own.

Lindsay Bjorklund

Director of Operations
Lindsay makes the behind the scenes magic happen! She gained her super powers helping nerds launch technology and now brings that nerd power to Cleaning Nation. When she isn’t being awesome for us, she is a real live rock star/ bassist/ audio engineer/ podcast producer/ amazing wife/ super cool human being

Jered Robinson

Paid Traffic Rockstar
Jered has spent millions of dollars on paid advertising- much of which worked 😉 He specializes in paid ads that WORK and helping YOU to do the same! And... he has great hair...

Mariana Lacombe

Mindset Coach Jedi
Mariana is a Master Coach & Business Strategist (fancy huh?). She uses her experience in Entrepreneurship, Business Management, & Strategic Development to help Cleaning Nation achieve amazing results in their careers and lives- If you're lucky, she'll make you cry... (it's a good thing)...

Shawn Bandick

Enrollment Coach
Shawn is a career Entrepreneur with a lifetime of learning & implementing & all around awesomeness. He’s trained with Harv T. Eker, Jack Canfield & Bob Proctor, founded companies in three different countries, and currently takes that lifetime of experience to help Cleaning Nation reach out and embrace their own success.

Lou Gigliotti

Enrollment Coach
Lou left behind the corporate grind to go out on his own leading several successful businesses before joining our team to coach Cleaning Nation out of fear and into opportunity! His nickname is Bulldog… make sure to ask him why 😉

Aviv Derman

Enrollment Coach
Aviv’s 12 year experience the hospitality industry has taught him the value of service in business. He has also worked in major organizations driving 7 figure monthly revenues. He also holds a LLB in law. His heart is in marketing in entrepreneurship which he brings in full force to his coaching!

Leah Milton

Discovery Coach
Along with a background in adventure travel, life coaching and event marketing, Leah helps Cleaning Nation tap into their values and needs. By far the nicest person on the team- BUT will tell you what time it is if you get out of line 😉

Ric Underwood

Enrollment Coach
After a 30-year career of starting, building, and selling numerous businesses in the construction, commodities, advertising and financial services, Ric has enjoyed spending the last decade helping successful entrepreneurs to get ‘un-stuck’ and grow their business by designing and implementing simple, scalable systems. His motto: “You don’t have to be bad to get better.”

Nathalie Campion

Mike's Handler/Wife/"the Brains"
Nathalie has been married to Mike for the last 10 years. That’s a decade of listening to his rants, building businesses with him and becoming a business genius in her own right. Plus she’s really pretty…

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