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Episode 972

From Frustration to Transformation: Marie's Journey Part 2: Episode 972


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EP 972
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Episode 972 – From Frustration to Transformation: Marie's Journey Part 2

Overcoming Busyness and Taking Control of Your Cleaning Business

In part two of this two part podcast episode, Mike and Marie delved into the challenges faced by cleaning business owners and how to break free from the cycle of busyness. Marie shared her own experience of feeling constantly busy and desiring more time to work on her business instead of just in it. However, she acknowledged that deep down, there was a fear of not knowing what to do if she had the free time. As a result, she found herself leaning into the busyness, using exhaustion as an excuse to avoid making critical business decisions.

The Importance of Understanding Numbers in Business Coaching

Mike highlighted the significance of understanding numbers in the context of running a cleaning business. He emphasized the need for business owners to have a clear grasp of their financial metrics, which often gets overlooked or misunderstood. Mike urged cleaning business owners to seek coaches who can effectively communicate and help them understand their numbers. He cautioned against two extremes: coaches who ignore the importance of numbers and those who make business owners feel inadequate by using complex jargon.

Transforming Your Business and Achieving Work-Life Balance

Marie expressed her frustration with previous coaches who didn’t consider her business’s financial situation and how it impacted her coaching experience. Mike stressed the importance of finding a coach who can effectively guide business owners through understanding and leveraging their financial data. He encouraged business owners to ask potential coaches how they address financial aspects and ensure they have a clear plan.

Mike emphasized the three key takeaways from Marie’s journey: clarity on the number of employees needed, understanding the importance of hiring quality team members, and not letting cars become a hindrance to progress. He also underscored the need for business owners to find a coach who prioritizes understanding numbers, communicates effectively, and supports them without making them feel inadequate.

The Positive Impact on Life and Business

Marie shared how her life has transformed since implementing these changes. Previously, she struggled with time management and had to sacrifice personal time with her son to fulfill cleaning obligations. However, she now enjoys a better work-life balance, spending mornings with her son and having the freedom to work on her business during designated business hours. Marie no longer feels overwhelmed or guilty for taking time off and has shifted her focus to achieving her goals.

Furthermore, Marie highlighted the importance of joining a supportive community of like-minded individuals who are committed to improving their businesses. She acknowledged the value of connecting with fellow cleaning business owners in a dedicated community and appreciated the opportunity to share experiences and advice.

Embracing Change and Looking Ahead

Although Marie acknowledges there is still work to be done, she is confident that she is on the right path. She has stopped cleaning entirely and is focused on tasks that propel her business forward. While not all tasks align with her preferences, she acknowledges that they are better than the alternative of being trapped in the cycle of busyness.

Mike celebrated Marie’s progress and encouraged her to continue making strides. They discussed the importance of finding enjoyment in the work they do and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Mike expressed his belief that the ultimate goal is to reduce the number of hours spent working on the business while increasing the enjoyment derived from it.

In conclusion, Marie’s journey serves as an inspiration for cleaning business owners who find themselves trapped in busyness. By understanding their numbers, hiring quality team members, and embracing change, they can reclaim their time, achieve financial success, and enjoy the freedom they desire. It is vital to seek guidance from coaches who prioritize understanding financial metrics and provide support without making business owners feel inadequate. With the right strategies and mindset, success and fulfillment in the cleaning business are within.

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