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Work ON

your Cleaning Company, not IN it!

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Stop Stressing,



All Day!

You’ve decided to STOP working in the field and finally build a REAL business.

Sure you know how to clean and you are probably GREAT at it…

But no one ever showed you how to run a successful business!!

How do you charge enough to make money, but not too much to lose the job?

Hire employees before you have the work for them or take on new work without the employees to do it?

What about actually ATTRACTING (not chasing) customers the right way? The scalable way? So you don’t have to depend on repeat and referral customers to grow your business.

Don’t even think about payroll, billing, cashflow and all the other “stuff” that this business demands!

I know- you work hard- you never fail and you certainly never give up, but is that enough?

Maybe you’re working harder than you’ve ever worked and hopefully still LOVING being your own boss…



You can’t work any harder and you can’t figure out how to get to the next level.

Your reputation, your family, your beliefs in yourself as a successful entrepreneur all depend on you figuring this out.

I know you’ve been watching every YouTube video out there and listening to all the podcasts, but you’ve decided IT’S FINALLY TIME!

To actually figure this out. For real.

You want someone who REALLY knows, to actually WALK you through what to do. Step by step.

Not only that, to show you who you need to BE to be successful.

Quit putting it off.

Quit making excuses (my market is different, I don’t have any money, blah, blah, blah).


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