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Episode 776

Your Ideal Clients are Out There, Now Find Them!: Episode 776


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Episode 776 – Your Ideal Clients are Out There, Now Find Them!

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Alana and Cody Knox of Knox Professional Cleaning Service. They started Knox in 2016 in Mora Minnesota. They are a thriving business with multiple employees and they plan to continue to grow. But their biggest issue is how to be a big fish in a little pond. They are in a lower-income area and are trying to find their ideal clients while still being involved in the community they currently serve. Listen in as Mike coaches them through this process and how to get what they really want in a sustainable, growable business.

Recurring Income is the Key to a Scalable Business

As they start to ask Mike about their business, the first thing he makes very clear is that if they don’t have recurring contracts, they are never going to be able to grow in the way that they want. They will be stuck in the ‘hiring people with unreliable hours, not having enough people to work, having too many people, not enough jobs’ cycle. When you get consistent, recurring jobs, you know exactly how people employees you need for things to run smoothly and you don’t have to clean yourself. That is when you get the freedom of running a business. With nonrecurring, there are too many what-ifs and not enough steady income and jobs coming in.

Your Ideal Clients Exist, Now Find Them

In the case of Alana and Cody, they serve a county that is the poorest in Minnesota. So it can be tempting to focus on the fact that because most people can’t pay what they charge, it makes things harder. But that doesn’t mean those clients don’t exist. The key is to find them, to hone in on what they want, and to provide that service for them. The more niche you can be, the more you can hone in on exactly what your clients want from you and give them that. It will also help with build your reputation of what your brand represents. People will know to expect high-end, exceptional quality, and professionalism if that is what you present and consistently bring them.

Keep Adding Value to Your Niche

Rather than continuing to expand your niche, offer more value within your niche. Let what they need and what their pain dictate the direction of your company. Listen to what your ideal clients and saying and work to give them what they want rather than staying really firm in the way you are currently doing things. Businesses that are willing to change and adapt to better serve their clientel tend to be much more successful in the long term.

Final Takeaway: Find your niche, encourage recurring contracts, then add value. 

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