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Episode 488

Your Biggest Leverage in Growth: Episode 488: Mike Campion Live


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Episode 488 – Your Biggest Leverage in Growth

Today we’re going to talk about what to do when you desperately want to grow, but what you are doing isn’t working. It can be so frustrating when you constantly work and try a variety of solutions, but just can’t get the results that you want.

False Belief: You can just “figure it out”

It is indescribably faster to learn from others mistakes. Not only that, it’s cheaper too!

False Belief: You don’t need others

Owning a business is SO Lonely! You NEED to share wins and losses with people who understand. You will grow faster and enjoy the ride MUCH more. Not only do you need a coach or mentor, but you need other human beings as well, specifically friends in the actual cleaning business. They will better understand your wins and losses since they are IN the business.

False Belief: If I ‘let anyone in” they will “steal my ideas”

The reality is 90% of people will HELP and the few that will try to hurt you won’t make a real difference. Don’t look at other owners as “competitors”, but instead look at them as resources and opportunities to SERVE them, your community, and your team BETTER! The people that contribute the most in our community are always the most successful.  If we help elevate our community and our businesses. This serves everyone: the community gets better AND we get better!

False Belief: This amazing community is enough

Even self-made mastermind groups tend to fizzle out. You need a SPECIFIC person or a coach, who cares about you, to REALLY walk you through everything.

False Belief: Any coach will do

Here are four standards you need in a coach:

  1. You need someone who has done what you want to do, in the area you want to grow in.
  2. Ideally you want someone who has done it repeatedly.
  3. You want someone who has demonstrated the ability to help OTHERS get that result.
  4. Ideally you want your Core Values to match.

False Belief: The cheaper the better when finding a coach

You want someone who actually CARES about YOU! A REAL successful coach won’t be cheap – they value their time and your commitment! You get what you pay for. Also, on the flip side, investing money shows your commitment.  If training doesn’t cost people money, people most likely won’t do the work.

False Belief: It doesn’t take a lot of time to coach/help people – it’s quick and easy

Nathalie, myself, and our entire team around the world work 40-50 hours/week! That’s how dedicated we are to serving this community.

False Belief: If someone would just “show you what to do”

It’s as much someone showing you “WHO you have to be or become and HOW to THINK ABOUT your business!”

Once you find someone who has DONE it, has a SYSTEM to make sure others can do the same, is a Core Values match, INTERESTED in helping YOU not just grow your business, but to grow YOU – you have the biggest lever I have found in 20 plus years!

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