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Episode 220

Write a Compelling Help Wanted Ad for Residential Cleaning Staff: Episode 220: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 220 – Write a Compelling Help Wanted Ad for Residential Cleaning Staff

Write Help Wanted Ads that Attract the RIGHT people
The best residential cleaning staff is out there, waiting for you to call to them!
Today Mike coaches Micaela Albrecht owner of Vitello’s Cleaning Service on how to write a compelling help wanted ad to get the best residential cleaning staff to her company

Hiring is the right residential cleaning staff is crucial to building a successful cleaning business. Successful cleaning business owners understand that they are in the business of marketing cleaning services not physically doing the work. That means getting the right people working In your business so you can work ON it. Take a deeper dive into this in our post on starting a cleaning service. post on starting a cleaning service.

KEY POINT: First and foremost – be different!
It’s a common misconception to feel like you have to be a sanitized, professional, generic version of yourself to run a business.

The problem with that belief is that Micaela has her lovely personality that is not duplicatable. Competitors could only be cheap knock -offs of her. People that love her are going to love her. But if she only presents her clean, sanitized, generic version of herself, she’s going to look exactly like every other clean, generic version of every other cleaning company owner out there.

You all end up being exactly the same.

The only way your prospective residential cleaning staff have to distinguish employers apart is by pay.

GENIUS TIP: Pay is NOT how you differentiate yourself to attract the best employees!
Allow your own voice and personality to show through in all of your ad copy. The way you do that is to be in touch with your core values.

RESOURCE ALERT: More great stuff on Core Values in THIS EPISODE
Start with your core values. Within your ad you want it to be 92% core values and the bare min about what your residential cleaning staff actually does. If they are applying for a cleaning position, they get the general idea of what they will be doing.

KEY POINT: Have qualifiers and dis-qualifiers in your ad
Let’s use Mike’s core values and break down how to write a compelling ad:

  • Have Fun
  • Make Money
  • Be Real
  • Help Out
  • Be Fun: You don’t want to tell people exactly what your core values are in your ad. Because if you ask them if they are their core values of course they are going to say yes to get the job! Instead, if your one of your core values is “have fun”, just BE FUN!

When writing a help wanted ads, for residential cleaning staff, don’t write the same thing everyone else is “looking for highly skilled professionals, please submit your resumes…blah blah blah”

KEY POINT: Differentiate yourself, have fun!
Consider, “Hey! Stop looking at these other crappy ads and pay attention!”

Be Real: Be the same person when meeting prospective residential cleaning staff as who you are in your ads! If being real is one of your core values then that authenticity needs to ring true in all aspects of your business.

Make Money: We are all here to make money, but it can be more important to some residential cleaning staff than to others. Motivations are important when it comes to how committed your employees are to showing up on time and every day.

“If you’re not here to make money and that’s not important to you, if you’re only here for beer money, then maybe this isn’t the job for you”

Help Out: Being a part of something bigger than yourself is always a great way to attract top notch talent. It also is a great way to build community and bonds between your residential cleaning staff.

“We were only interested in people who wanted to help out. If you are into helping out, serving the community and making life better for people you’re in the right place. If you are only about helping you and don’t want to be a part of the community then just keep walking!”

KEY POINT: The majority of your message should be about your core values
Break the ad into 3 parts:

1. Intro – Most amazing house cleaning service – something about your company

2. Body – Break this into 2 parts; The qualifying and disqualifying


“If this is you” – keep reading
Try using bullet points
Add in the 2 or 3 things that are required like a valid drivers license, not a felon etc..
Add fun things that have to do with your core values. Things that are unique to your business and the type of employees you are looking for.

If this you – stop reading – “If you’re only here for a paycheck, if you can’t drive, if you have a bad attitude, if you kick puppies, keep walking!”
There’s no reason to go into depth about pay, residential cleaning staff know they aren’t going to be making $50,000/year and they know they aren’t going to be paid below minimum wage. They have an idea of the range, you don’t want to be competing with the guys that are paying .5$ more than everyone else.

When you focus on pay, it also attracts the wrong type of employee. If you want to attract the RIGHT employees to your company they should be coming to you for other reasons than pay. HINT: Your core values. If your ad is all about pay and benefits that’s all they’re going to be attracted to.

3. Call to action: At the end have a clear call to action. It should be only one thing. Decide before the path someone should take to get hired. Don’t give them multiple options. Give them 1 clear call to action and how to do it and a good reason for them to do it NOW.

For example, “Go to jobs now and tell us more about yourself. Do it now because we’re only have 3 spots available!”

“Don’t waste your time reading another crappy help wanted ad! Find your calling with us, go to jobs now and join a community of people just like you!”

Don’t be shy about telling them who you are looking for! The people who fit your criteria will be compelled to apply to work for you!

RESOURCE ALERT: For more great stuff on group interviews and hiring check out THIS EPISODE
Finally, Micaela brings the heat in the…

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Keep your face in front of your customers. Stay in contact with them!

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Try to keep the professional and personal separate but be personable with your employees.

What’s one idea cleaning nation can put into practice to improve their business or their lives immediately?

Do it now!
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