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Episode 597

Will Hiring a Coach Help You Build Your Cleaning Company? Episode 597


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Episode 597 – Will Hiring a Coach Help You Build Your Cleaning Company?

One of the fist businesses I built was a franchise. There wasn’t any internet and the franchise seemed to help me but in the end they just told me how to use their logo and buy their stuff. I needed help to make the business successful so I went on the hunt for leaders who could help me. I felt extremely lonely and unmotivated not having anyone I could talk to you about the business. I did everything to find people like me, including “taking people out to lunch” and reaching out to the richest people I knew. Even though I could get in contact with them it seemed impossible to get them passionate about what I do.
When this failed I decided to move onto plan B, reading hundreds of books and investing a ton in tapes and courses which gave me some good success just by hard work. But things began to change when I decided to sell my brick and mortar business to help others. I couldn’t just tell them to do what I did, I needed to help them find an easier way to succeed. I became obsessed with finding out why some succeed and some fail. After personally taking hundreds of 1 on 1 coaching calls and seeing those who followed our system changing their lives by not giving up I figured it out. I knew how to succeed, but I needed to learn how to translate that to others. The big problem was thinking I could just “tell them what to do” and everything would be ok. I learned that not only do people need the information but they need a change in mindset. So many people are selling their “secrets” out there, but I discovered until they had the right mindset, knowing what to do was almost useless. When they did learn how to think, what to do became easy.
Watching who succeeded and who didn’t gave me the “A-Ha” moment of what successful and unsuccessful people always did and didn’t do. The “secret” wasn’t some magic Facebook ad or copywriting course, it was moving from selling a commodity to serving a community. Here are some of my top tips on how to become a successful business owner. You need to be:
  1. Coachable
  2. Committed
  3. Resourceful
  4. Decisive
What you need to do is create community over Commodity. You can do this by creating a podcast, YouTube channel, Facebook group, or/and having events.

If you want to see how to do this, join me at

The cool thing is, when I put this into practice, not only did I make more money, more easily than I ever had, I fell in love with my customers and employees. I went from relying on something I had built externally (buildings, leases, employees, assets) to becoming someone that would be successful in ANY environment. Even better I’ve seen people move from cleaners or office workers trapped by their business to entrepreneurs that can work from anywhere in the world and create communities that change their lives and their families forever. We aren’t just building rich people, we are building free people and people who have impact on their world!! If you would like a 100% risk free- try before you buy TWO DAY experience, join us at

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