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Episode 1133

Why Your Website Isn’t Bringing Leads and What to Do About It: Episode 1133


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Episode 1133 – Why Your Website Isn’t Bringing Leads and What to Do About It

In today’s digital age, many business owners believe that a shiny new website is the key to attracting leads and growing their business. However, in a recent podcast episode, Mike Campion challenges this notion by explaining why simply having a website isn’t enough. Instead, the focus should be on driving traffic and engaging directly with potential clients. This episode features George’s question about his website’s performance and Alex’s success story with a new sales approach, offering valuable insights for cleaning company owners looking to boost their leads and grow their business.

Why Your Website Isn’t Bringing Leads

George asked a great question: “Why isn’t my website attracting leads?” This issue is common, and the answer is simple but often overlooked. Many business owners believe that once their website is up, the leads will automatically follow. But that’s not how it works. Putting up a website is like putting a sign in your yard and expecting people to show up. There are millions of websites out there. Your website is just one in a vast sea, and without traffic, it’s not going to bring in leads.

It’s Not the Website, It’s the Traffic

Your website isn’t the problem. The problem is the lack of traffic. Many business owners think that their website alone will attract visitors, but this isn’t true. A website itself doesn’t hold much value unless people are directed to it. You need to focus on driving traffic to your site through various methods like door hangers, social media, and direct engagement. Traffic is the lifeblood of your website. Without it, your website is just sitting there, unnoticed.

The Power of Social Proof

If you had to choose between having a strong social media presence or a website, go with social media. People trust what others say about you more than what you say about yourself. When others share their positive experiences with your business, it carries more weight than any claim you make on your website. Reviews, testimonials, and social media interactions are crucial for building trust and attracting leads.

Direct Engagement Over Online Searches

Instead of relying on your website to generate leads, focus on direct engagement. Building relationships and using a targeted approach, like the Dream 100 strategy, is much more effective. This involves creating a list of 100 ideal clients and consistently reaching out to them. Personalized engagement with potential clients can be more powerful and yield better results than any website or online search.

Alex’s Success Story and Next Steps

Alex shared his recent success of landing his first client using a new sales process. This involved direct engagement rather than relying on online methods. Now, he’s ready to use door hangers to reach more people. Alex found a company that can print and distribute door hangers cheaply, targeting a neighborhood with 6,000 houses. The key is to distribute them consistently and gather data. The goal is to repeat this process regularly, refining the approach based on the results. This method is expected to bring a steady stream of leads over time, proving that direct engagement and targeted marketing are more effective than relying solely on a website.
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