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Episode 806

Why Your Thoughts Control Your Results-Part II : Episode 806


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Episode 806 – Why Your Thoughts Control Your Results-Part II

Welcome back to the podcast! Today, we have part II of our podcast with Suzanne and Mike. In the first part of the podcast, Suzanne introduced the ‘thought wheel’, and the power of using it to get traction in your business. Today, we’ll go deeper into the thought wheel, plug in some real-life examples, and see how this tool gives you all the power to move forward in your life and in your business.

The Power of Getting What You Pay For

It goes a long way when you charge fair prices for quality work. There is this fine line between charging what you are worth and not charging enough. If you are too low and offer too much, people start to get skeptical. They think it’s too good to be true or that there has to be a bottom line or extra charge. If you overcharge and underdeliver or nickel and dime, people will also have a negative experience. As the business owner, allowing people to swindle you down to the lowest possible price has its disadvantages as well. Often, the people who are trying to get you to work for as little as possible are the ones that are going to be the hardest to make happy. They are going to be the people you hear back from, the ones who complain. Those who pay your prices happily and gratefully are going to be so much more enjoyable to work for and with.

To Change Your Results, You First Have to Change Your Thoughts

This is one of the most powerful things you can ever learn. In life and in business. In order to change our results, we first have to change our thought patterns. Most of the time, we let our brains run on autopilot. And on autopilot, they try to keep us alive and conserve energy. Our natural brain is a loop of everything that is wrong, that could go wrong and that has gone wrong. If we let that play constantly, we can talk ourselves out of every big or hard change we need to make to get different results. To get leverage over this, we HAVE to start paying attention to what our thoughts are in the first place and replace them with thoughts that are empowering and going to get us the results that we want. But first, we just have to notice what our brain offers us in the first place so that we can start to get some control over them.

Willing to Feel Negative Emotion to Change Your Results

If you are trying to stop eating sugar and a sugar craving comes, it feels like you are going to feel this way forever. That is what makes you give in to the craving because it starts to feel like you are torturing yourself (or so your monkey brain says). In reality, you are only going to feel that uncomfortable emotion for a few minutes. And the longer you go without sugar, the less you will crave it. But you have to go through those few hard days of feeling negative emotions to get a different result. The same goes for making hard changes in your busines. If you want to raise your prices, you have to be ok feeling the negative or uncomfortable emotions of possible rejection, uncomfortable conversations, and sticking to your commitment to yourself. But if you are willing to think, this will be hard but I will be grateful on the other side of it, now you are giving all the power back to yourself. That is where real growth lies.

Final Takeaway: Being willing to feel negative emotions is all you have to do to accomplish scary things in your life and in your business. 

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