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Episode 805

Why Your Thoughts Control Your Results - Part 1


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Episode 805 – Why Your Thoughts Control Your Results - Part 1

Welcome to the podcast! Today, we have a special guest we don’t hear from super often. Suzanne, our mindset coach works with all our clients in our first program. Because she is one on one so often with cleaners just like you, she has some great insight into what you are struggling with. Specifically, something called a thought wheel. What it is, why it matters, and how you can take control of yours.

The Thought Wheel

To create your thought wheel, you’ll first want to draw a circle on a sheet of paper. If your circle were a clock, write down your beliefs and thoughts in the spot where 12:00 would be. On the 3:00 spot, write down your feelings and emotions. On the 6:00 spot, write down your actions. These are the actions you do or DON’T take. And at the 9:00 spot right down the results you’re getting from this thought, feeling, action pattern. This is a GREAT tool to show you how your thoughts ultimately affect your results.

Play it Out in a Scenario

Let’s say after going through your profits and losses, you realize you need to raise your prices to become more profitable. Using the thought wheel, you can decide how you want to broach this issue with your clients. What we typically do as humans is come from a place of scarcity and lack. What we want to do is come from abundance, This starts with the way we’re thinking about having to raise our prices. If we think this is going to be terrible, we start to feel terrible. From the feeling, we approach our clients with a lot of hesitation expecting the worst, a lack of confidence, and ultimately our result will be what we most feared-we’ll lose a lot of clients because of how we handled the price increase. In contrast, if we approach it from abundance knowing that the right clients will stay and the rest won’t, we can approach it much more level-headed. “Hey, we are raising our prices next month, we aren’t making enough money to stay afloat, we love you and hope you’ll stay, let me know if you have any questions for me.” Done! That’s it. Changing your thoughts allow you to have such a different result.

Believing Your Thoughts

Sometimes, it’s hard to get to abundance. It doesn’t come naturally for many of us. It can be helpful to start with baby steps. In the example we’ve been using of raising your prices, it could be something like ‘you deserve to be profitable’. That is a simple but very powerful thought that can help you generate the abundance you’re looking for that will start to affect the rest of your thought wheel for the better.

Final Takeaway: By changing your thoughts, you can affect the actions you take and ultimately the results you get in your business.

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