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Episode 747

Why Your Issues in Growing Your Company Aren’t Permanent Problems: Episode 747


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Episode 747 – Why Your Issues in Growing Your Company Aren’t Permanent Problems

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Gabby Milano of Supreme Cleaning here with Mike to chat. She started Supreme Clean this in June, 2021 in Long Island, New York after she was the one in her college dorm who was always cleaning other peoples’ rooms. During the pandemic when jobs were scarce, she joined a commercial cleaning company and decided there was a need for residential cleaning in her area, so she and the commercial cleaner owner became partners and she started Supreme Clean as a residential branch of the brand. Listen in as she talks to Mike about best practice for finding the specific employees she’s looking for and how to balance running and growing a business.

Get Clear on What You Really Need

It can be easy to think things like ‘I need a woman in this role because, typically, women tend to be x while men tend to be y.’ But the reality is, skills aren’t always based on gender. And you can do yourself a disservice by looking for only one when both might be amazing employees. What you actually need to have a successful employee-and if you’ve been with us for very long, this is going to sound familiar-is a core values match. If you are on the same page with how you show up at the job and your goals for how you’re going to work together, they could be an alien and it’ll work.

There’s no Gray Area

When it comes to working out the kinks of a new business, it can be really easy to tell ourselves that we have lots of problems that are tricky to solve. For Gabby, it’s hiring people part time without consistent hours. When she’s looking to hire, often people will tell her it’s not enough hours or it’s not stable enough. But the truth is, so much of this is a mental shift issue rather than a tactical issue. Rather than telling ourselves that because a few people said no to a 10 hour a week job, no one will want to work a 10 hour a week job. But the truth is those people are out there. And we can get a lot further by telling ourselves they exist, we will find them, and we’ll put our time and focus into solving that problem rather than telling ourselves everything that is hard about what we are currently trying to accomplish. You will get soo much farther in your business that way.

Work Towards Your Goals, Not What You See in Front of You

Starting a new business comes with its own set of challenges. And sometimes, it feels like those challenges are going to last forever. The problems that you have now aren’t permanent problems, they are growing pains. Every business that has ever existed has had them. The best thing you can do is work towards your goals understanding that what is a problem today will have a solution soon. And that you are the best person to find those solutions and take your business to the next level.

Final Takeaway: Focusing on what you can control will give you much more leverage in growing your business.

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