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Episode 775

Why Your Goals Determine Your Forward Momentum: Episode 775


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Episode 775 – Why Your Goals Determine Your Forward Momentum

Welcome to the podcast cleaning nation! Today, we have a really interesting guest on to chat with Tracey. Merv from Ex-Amish Cleaning left the Amish community to start his own business back in 2016 and now has two cleaning businesses. One in Nashville, Tennessee, and the other one in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Listen in as he chats with Tracey about what pushed him to do something so different from what he had been brought up in and how he got to where he is now.

Different Kind of Education

When Merv left the Amish community, he didn’t have a GED. So he wasn’t able to find a job in the outside world. His wife knew how to clean, but he didn’t. But he decided he was up for learning. But before all this happened, he had started to prepare himself for what he would do when he left the community. He joined a leadership program that taught him about business and entrepreneurship and marketing and all kinds of things that prepared him to start his own business. He relies on the things he learned through those training to this day. So even though he didn’t get a traditional education, he was able to think outside the box and get the skills necessary to do what he wanted to do.

You Don’t Have to Have All the Answers, Just Goals

Merv is such a great example of the power of having goals and believing in and working towards them. He was living in his car before they decided to start cleaning. They made $15,000 that first year. Once he got an apartment, he sat down on the ground (because they had no furniture) and wrote down what his goals were. How many customers he would have to acquire to make $100,000. His wife thought he was crazy, but his mind was always set on growth. Because of that, he never viewed himself as a cleaner. He viewed himself as having to clean as a means to an end. Each year, he’s worked less and made more money and it all comes back to this mindset he began with.

One Piece of Advice

For Merv, it is goal setting and investing in yourself. He has learned the value of continuous education. And not just learned but applied education. Things that are applicable to the business he wants to build and the person he wants to become. He works hard, sets goals, does what’s necessary to achieve them, and makes it a priority to continue learning and growing. He’s learned through first-hand experience that is what makes the difference.

Final Takeaway: Set goals, invest in yourself, and think about yourself as a business owner. You’ll be surprised how far that mindset will get you. 

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