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Episode 420

Why Your Cleaning Company Website ISN’T Working : 420 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 420 – Why Your Cleaning Company Website ISN’T Working

Today Mike is talking all about why your Cleaning Company Website isn’t working, and how to fix it. This is for the people who have a website, but it isn’t helping the phones ring, and if it does help bring in the customers, it’s not bringing in the right customers.

The most important idea behind your website is that you’re actually using it to your advantage. So many people decide to create a website, but they don’t use it to there advantage, they look at it as more of a checkbox idea rather than an actual way to generate customers. You want to make sure you have scalable, repeatable, dependable source system in place to use your website to your advantage. It’s also important to diversify and make sure that you are in as many spots across the web that you can be. In summary, you’ll want to make sure that you have funnels that work and actually bring in customers, you want to make sure you’re clear about why your website exists, and you want to make sure that you don’t put all of your eggs in one basket (i.e Facebook, Google SEO, etc.)

The first thing that a lot of people get caught up in when creating or renovating their website is the design. The most important part of your website, what’s going to bring customers in, is the content. The design of your website’s only job is to not get in the way of the actual content of your website. You should avoid allocating too much time to the design of your website and make sure that the content really grabs the attention of your potential customers.

Another side of the coin that a lot of people tend to over-focus on, is traffic to their website rather than conversion. While the amount of people that come to your website is important, what’s much more important is that your website is conveying that you understand your customer’s pain and that you can solve it. This can help convert the people that click on your website to actual customers. If you can successfully show a customer that you deeply understand their pain, and that you have a community and core values that resonate with them, the chances of them reaching out to you exponentially go up.

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Another concept that will help is by giving real value to a potential customer before they are your client. As an example, Mike does two podcasts a week, blogs, youtube videos, etc. and he gives all of this content away because he cares about his community, and it helps build a strong connection with its members. When your potential clients know, like, and trust you, they come to you wanting to be a part of your community, rather than having to go to them trying to sell them on your services.

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