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Episode 826

Why Your Business Growth Directly Affects Your Personal Growth: Episode 826


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Episode 826 – Why Your Business Growth Directly Affects Your Personal Growth: Episode 826

Hi Clean Nation! Welcome to the podcast! Today, Lindsay Bjorklund (our client happiness manager) and Tracey Thompson (our excellent in-house mindset coach) are chatting about how your business growth is directly related to personal growth. Listen in as they talk about this topic, why it matters, and how to ensure that you are constantly growing professionally and personally.

How Our Leadership Reflects on Our Business

When it comes to our leadership style, that is directly connected to the relationship we have with our employees and our clients. If we have employees that don’t know how to solve their own problems and are constantly coming to us for everything, that is a reflection on us not teaching them how to be independent. It shows that we have a lack of trust in them to be able to figure things out on their own instead of coming to us for everything. On the client side of things, if we have tough relationships with our clients, have a history of them choosing to find another company for their cleaning needs, or we feel like we are the only ones who can handle our clients and issues start to arise when we take ourselves out of the equation, this all reflects on our leadership abilities.

Overcoming Perfectionism in Your Leadership Style

Start a step at a time. It’s not realistic that you are going to completely change your leadership style overnight. That will move you into all or nothing mentality which is so ineffective because it’s not sustainable. Rather than having huge, unrealistic expectations of what is possible, take one thing at a time and prove to yourself that people are able to work well without you. As you do this, you’ll notice that the world didn’t burn down and that people are more competent than maybe you’ve given them credit for. As you do this, you’ll start to see the confidence, and competence loop that builds on itself and you’ll be able to branch out more and more into people taking responsibility for their own jobs.

Being Willing to Do Things Differently

Historically, a leadership style that had a very boss/employee style worked because it was what people were used to, even if they didn’t like it. But now, people have realized that there is a better alternative to that leadership style and people want to be heard and listened to with more compassion and humility and less dominance. This is actually not a weakness but a great strength to be able to lead in this way. 

Final Takeaway: Your leadership style has a direct correlation to how smoothly your business runs and how your employees and clients feel. Be mindful of whether it’s serving you and your team or not. 

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