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Episode 390

Why Your Advertising Isn't Working & How to Fix It : 390 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 390 – Why Your Advertising Isn't Working & How to Fix It

Today Mike is here to talk all about Advertising! Mike has had people come up to him and brag about never having paid for advertising and rather growing from word of mouth, but not advertising can quickly lead you to finding yourself in a rut. You want a business model that is scalable, repeatable and dependable.

Another story that Mike has heard time and time again, is that someone put ‘X’ amount of money into advertising and it didn’t work, so therefore advertising doesn’t work. That is similar to saying that because you hired an employee once who stole, you’re better off without employees. The reality of the situation is that you may not have a good system in place to make sure that you’re getting effective marketing,

The last belief that we need to get away from, is that the form of marketing is the most important part in acquiring customers, when the message behind the marketing is much more important. You want your marketing to really reflect your core values, and try to find customers that are a good fit with your company. This is especially important to keep in mind moving into the next paragraph- There is a difference between good and bad customers.

Now let’s get into the “how to fix it” portion of today’s blog. As always, the very first thing you’re going to want to start with, is the foundation. You want to get to know what your ideal customer is, and then do everything that you can to understand their pain. If you can show a customer that you understand, and have specific ways that you can help ease their pain, you’ll find that getting a consistent flow of good customers isn’t too difficult.

Another important thing is to always be clear on who it is you’re trying to serve. If you don’t know that than it is really difficult to connect with them. If your message is “We will clean stuff for money” it will be difficult to get many people to contact you because it’s not compelling, however if you’re selling specifically to mom’s who want more time with their kids, or who work and just want to come home to a newly cleaned house, THEN you have something compelling that you can shape your offer around.

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Keeping in mind why your in the cleaning business is another very important step to how you should approach your company as a whole as well as your marketing. Cleaning will always be a low wage job, however if you really understand your customers pain, and shape your offer around that as well as by offering different, more premium services, you can also charge a more premium price. A lot of people think that having more pricey services is inherently a bad thing, but that is not the case. Wanting to pay your employees well, or send your children to college does not make you a bad person. For instance, one of Mikes core values is “Make Money”- and that was very helpful to him when he was running his previous companies because he always had something he could point to, and explain WHY he was making his money. Transparency is a big deal and a lot of customers appreciate it.

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In summary, you want to KNOW your ideal customers pain before you start marketing to them, and when you do start marketing, make sure that it really reflects you and your company well, so that when the customers do come, they’re good customers.

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