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Episode 791

Why You Should Always Hire More Than You Think: Episode 791


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Episode 791 – Why You Should Always Hire More Than You Think

Welcome to the podcast! Today, we have Mike chatting with Alaina Ferguson. Alaina started Missouri Mama Cleaning in 2018. She serves residential, commercial, and vacation rentals in Kansas City Missouri. Listen in as she and Mike chat about how to grow a team in a way that is sustainable and actually takes you completely out of cleaning, no matter how many people quit.

Hire More People Than You Think

First and foremost, in the case of Alaina, she has four people working full time and three people working part-time. It can be easy to think that if she just hires one or two more people, she’ll be fully staffed and all will be well. But the first thing making it hard is having full-time and part-time people. The full-time people have an expectation of working a lot and the part time people of working very little. If two people quit at once, your full-time people are already maxed out and your part-time people are part-time for a reason, they’re not interested in working six days a week. However, if Aliana were to double her staff and hire 14 people, even if she had three people quit, she would only have to add a few hours to each of her employees to maintain her same clientele and still stay out of cleaning herself.

How Do You Get People Who Work Who Don’t Want More Hours

So much of this just comes from having a mindset of abundance vs scarcity. Scarcity being that if you raise the hours on your employees, they are going to quit and you aren’t going to ever be able to hire anyone again. If instead, you looked into the population of the community you are serving and crunched some numbers, you could go into it confidently that there are more amazing employees out there who WILL be willing to work the hours you need them to work.

Create Systems and Processes for Hiring

Realistically, even if you are paying for resumes to hire and you get 200 applications, it’s not even necessarily a positive thing. Because reading resumes is mind-numbing and after about 40, you can’t usually force your brain to care enough to continue to read them. And out of those resumes, chances are you aren’t going to be wowed by the majority, so you’ll likely only call a handful of them. Out of those, the number of people who show up is going to be even lower and the ones who are actually decent are lower than that. Instead, if you have a system that allows for group interviews, you can put in on the applicant to be responsible for showing up to the interview, no going through resumes required. If you can have them show up to a one-on-one interview after then and a work interview after that, chances are, this person is going to be fairly reliable. Couple all that with core values and you’ve got a pretty dynamite approach to hiring.

Final Takeaway: Hire a bigger team than you think, and make the potential candidates work for the job.

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