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Episode 412

Why You Don't Want to Hire Good, Experienced Cleaners : 412 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 412 – Why You Don't Want to Hire Good, Experienced Cleaners

A lot of people think that they need experienced cleaners when they are hiring, but just end up limiting their pool of applicants. If you limit your search for experienced cleaners, you also lose out on a huge pool of talent. Another idea that a lot of cleaners look for is a love to clean, when what you really need is people who love your culture, and recognize that what you’ve put together is special and want to be a part of what you’ve created.

Another idea that a lot of company owners often say, is that if you hire experienced workers, then they won’t need to be trained, when in fact all new hires should be trained on your companies core values and systems, regardless of their past experience. It’s important that you’re consistent with all of your cleaners. Oftentimes your less experienced employees will actually be more teachable than their more experienced counterparts.

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Most cleaning company owners think that the most important trait in a cleaner,when what’s really important is that they know your core values, and are willing to clean. You want to have employees that will not only just abide by your core values, but who are fired up about them and want to be apart of what your doing. You can train anyone to clean, but not everyone is going to be a core value match. This , of course, assumes that you know and are implementing your core values.

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Over the years Mike has met many cleaners who pride themselves on their cleaning so much so that they have to personally train each employee for months before they can allow them to start working, when the reality of the situation is that your clients real pain is almost never the superior quality of clean that you can give. Every company advertises that they care and are the best at cleaning. If you want to really start growing past your competition, you’re going to need to find the pain of your niche, and come up with a way to solve it.

Another false belief is that every customer just wants the cheapest price point. The reality is that they aren’t sure what their pain is, and you’ve job is to educate them on what is, as well as a result you’re going to get them. For instance, on the residential side someone may instruct you that they want you to clean perfectly and get into every nook and cranny, but what they really want is to feel special and be able to relax in their home.

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