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Episode 738

Why You Can’t Have Great Reward Without Taking Risks: Episode 738


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Episode 738 – Why You Can’t Have Great Reward Without Taking Risks

Welcome to the podcast cleaning nation! Today, we have one of our favorite cleaning couples, the Thaemerts with us. They have been with us for awhile now and it has been so great to watch their growth as they’ve implemented our systems and processes into their business. This year, things have changed a lot for them as they decided to take a leap and expand their business into Montana from Colorado. They decided to do a crappy 1.0 version of their business and learned so much by taking that risk. Listen in as Mike chats with them about what has worked, what hasn’t and what they’ve learned along the way.

Something Had to Give

Before Dan and Catherine came to us, they were in a common but difficult situation that many of us find ourselves in. They were working so much they barely saw each other and were still not making great money. Dan was driving truck and was only home for three days a month and Catherine was cleaning full time and taking care of four kids basically on her own. They decided it made the most sense for Dan to join Catherine cleaning since by that point she was making more money than him. They made the decision and haven’t looked back, and though it wasn’t a fully smooth transition, everything has changed for the better since they made that decision to do their cleaning business together.

The Transition Out of Cleaning

Once things got going, they decided to take a leap of faith and expand their business from Colorado into Montana. Things began lining up really well in their favor, and they ended up moving their family of six to Montana to begin the expansion of the business. With this came some setbacks. They had spent six months previously getting completely out of cleaning and focusing fully on building their business. It took them six months because of the fear that things were going to fall apart without them there every minute making sure their business was running smoothly. Once they got over the fear, they were able to trust the process as well as the processes and things started to really move. Their business started to expand in a way that was sustainable for them, their clients, and their employees.

Gaining Confidence Through Having Courage

Through taking this big risk of expanding their business out into another branch, the Thaemerts were able to gain confidence in their ability to do scary things. Now, they have plans to expand out further. Not only that, but their original branch they set up in Colorado is totally self running and paying all their bills. Any expansion they do from here is just icing on the cake. That feeling is such a freeing one, and it’s an incredible experience realizing that they have all the tools to continue to create the business and the life that they want.

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