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Episode 790

Why You Aren’t Actually in the Cleaning Business: Episode 790


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Episode 790 – Why You Aren’t Actually in the Cleaning Business

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast! Today, we have Amy Shamburger with us here to chat with Mike. Amy started Spark in 2015 in St. Amant, Louisiana. Listen in, as she and Mike talk about what has worked for her and what she’s learned these past seven years, and what she is still figuring out. The importance of being honest with yourself about what’s really keeping you from following your dreams, and how to make it possible.

Being Honest With Yourself

Amy is like so many of us who got into the cleaning business, in that she has had a hard time over the years giving the cleaning portion over to employees. She is a really good cleaner and likes things done a certain way. But she’s starting to realize that until she lets go of the belief that she is the only one who can do it right, she will be stagnant in her business, which is where she is right now. After dabbling in hiring people to help her clean and grow her business, she is back to being a solo cleaner but is finally starting to realize it’s because it’s easier to do menial tasks than it is to put yourself out there, want more for yourself and your business, and be responsible for the people you hire. It’s easier to say, no I love cleaning so that you don’t have to push outside of your comfort zone and do something a lot more scary-become a business owner.

You're In The Business of Bringing Joy to People, Not Perfection

Embracing the belief that a. Are in the business of bringing joy, relaxation, and less stress to clients rather than a ‘cleaning business’ and that b. You aren’t going to do it perfectly are two mindset shifts that are going to take you a LONG way. Had Walt Disney said he was the magic of Disney, the whole company would have halted right there with him. Instead, he created systems to bring the magic to millions without him even being there. The magic of Disney is actually very systematic and intentional, and your business can be approached the same way.

Is the Solution to Switch to Commercial?

In Amy’s case, she’s feeling like maybe the best thing to do rather than letting her clients down by sending in other cleaners than herself would be to switch niches altogether and go to commercial cleaning. And this is a temptation for so many of us, but the truth is that if she takes herself out of cleaning, the worst thing that can happen is a few clients decide they don’t want to use her anymore. It’s easy to catastrophize that it’ll be dramatic and hard, but in reality, it will probably be uncomfortable during the few minutes you have that conversion, they will make the decision if they want to stay or go with someone else, and that will be the end of it. When we take ourselves all the way to the worst-case scenario, we can get a lot more leverage on what we are really so afraid of and make peace with it. 

Final Takeaway: Be honest with yourself about who you are, what kind of business you’re building, and what you are willing to do to get there.

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