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Episode 737

Why Vulnerability is Necessary for Forward Momentum in Your Business: Episode 737


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Episode 737 – Why Vulnerability is Necessary for Forward Momentum in Your Business

Hi Cleaning Nation. Today on the podcast, Mike chats with Tawanna Lowry who started her cleaning service in April of this year. After being behind the scenes in many other cleaning companies, she decided to be the face of one. No matter where you are in your business, this podcast is going to be a valuable one for you. Tawanna chose to be vulnerable and honest about her real fears, and through that Mike was able to coach her through her worst case scenarios. It is an extremely valuable skill we can all use to elevate ourselves.

First, Ask Yourself- What is The Pain I’m Trying to Fix?

Before you can ask the right question, you have to understand the problem you are trying to fix. In the case of Tawanna, she originally said she needed help finding the right clients. Then she said it was probably finding the right employees. But ultimately, step one for her (and anyone in this situation) is to ask yourself-what is the problem I’m trying to solve. Once you move backwards and figure that out, you’ll be in a much better spot to ask the right questions which will get you the solutions you’re looking for.

Getting Vulnerable and Honest Will Get Your There Much Faster

Tawanna did something rare when Mike asked her what her real pain was. Instead of giving some generic answer like so many of us do-employees, getting clients, making more money, etc.- she told the truth. She said- I think I lack confidence to do the things I need to in business. And then, when she thought for a moment, she said- I think the confidence is there but fear sometimes overshadows it. I need to work through that. Through being honest with herself, she was able to get right to the root of what was really going on for her so that she can get leverage on it and start to work through it.

To get started, Mike asked her two questions:

• What’s the Worst-Case Scenario if You Fail?

Asking this question can help you work through the fear you have. Sometimes, you might not have ever really gone through the feelings and emotions of what would happen if you fail. Just working through those can be really helpful to starting to unpack where your fear is stemming from. For Tawanna, it was the fear that she wouldn’t be able to provide for her children.

Once that fear is vocalized, you follow it through, so take it all the way to the worst case scenario. In Tawanna’s case, that would be getting no clients, and not being able to pay the bills. And then they took it all the way to- would you be homeless? How bad would things really get if this happened. Through asking those questions, Tawanna responded that no, she wouldn’t be homeless. That she was scrappy and even thrived in underdog scenarios. Playing those fears all the way through is a powerful way to see that they might not be as scary as we think.

• What if You Couldn’t Fail?

The next question Mike asked Tawanna was what would happen if she couldn’t fail? If everything she touched turned to gold. She talked about how comfortable she would feel. How confident and happy. And once she started telling herself that story, it was like a weight was lifted off of her shoulders and the fear went away as well. Which shows the power of telling ourselves empowering stories.

We can tell ourselves the stories that best serve us and make them true. Just like we can tell ourselves terrible stories and make those true. They are all just stories. WHy not tell ourselves ones that encourage and motivate us towards who we want to be in our business and in life?

Final Takeaway: Vulnerability + Asking the right questions are the recipe for forward momentum in your business.

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