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Episode 816

Why Trust is the First Step to Doing Hard Things: Episode 816


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Episode 816 –Why Trust is the First Step to Doing Hard Things: Episode 816

Hi Cleaning Nation. Welcome to the podcast! Today we have Mike chatting with the lovely Daisy Hora. Daisy has been with us at Cleaning Nation since November 2018. And during that time, she has been through a lot and had a lot put on her plate. Through it all, she has handled it with grace and never stopped working towards her goals. Listen in today and she and Mike chat about what that has looked like for her, how she has learned to trust in her team and the way she has things set up, and what she has learned along the way.

Trusting the Process

Daisy went through a divorce at the end of last year. Her husband was also her business partner, which made things especially tricky. For a while, she didn’t know if the business was going to survive, not because it wasn’t running smoothly, but because she didn’t know if she could take the time she needed away from it. She decided to trust the systems and processes she has spent years putting into place. To her surprise, things continued to run just as smoothly without her. She was able to take the time she needed and her business was able to continue to run and thrive. This was also thanks to the great staff she had hired according to her core values.

Trust Your Team

The second part of this equation is that Daisy had to learn to trust her team. When she was making the decision to step away from her business, she first had to trust the systems and processes she put into place. But then she had the team she had built to run these systems and processes. She had to empower them to take a bigger part and work together as a team to make things happen. She learned that the more she trusted them, the more they were willing to do their part and work for the greater good.

Trust Yourself

The last person Daisy had to learn to trust was herself. When she was originally deciding whether or not it was a good idea to step away from her business (and have her staff run it), she was nervous about the process and didn’t know if it was a good idea. As she worked with our mindset coach, Tracey, she realized that she had to trust herself and listen to what she really needed as she went through this big change in her personal and professional life. If you don’t trust yourself, it doesn’t matter who or what else you trust, it will never be as effective if you don’t first resolve the trust issues with yourself. 

Final Takeaway: To be able to step out of your comfort zone and do hard things, trust is an essential element to moving forward. 

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