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Episode 759

Why the Right Mindset is the Answer, No Matter Where You Are On Your Business Journey: Episode 759


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Episode 759 – Why the Right Mindset is the Answer, No Matter Where You Are On Your Business Journey

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have elite member Steph Botha talking with Mike. Steph started Azalea cleaning in Greenville, South Carolina in April 2021 after deciding to part ways with her business partner. Listen in as she chats about her time in our program, how she originally made the choice to split and do her own thing, and how it’s going.

Partnering In Business Has its Pros and Cons

Originally, Steph partnered up with a friend to go into business together. They were in the business cleaning. Eventually, she decided to split off and do her own thing and focus more on getting out of cleaning and building the business itself. There can be pros and cons to having a business partner. The pros being you can have each other to lean on, a sounding board, someone to support and work with, and you may complement each other’s skillsets. But that isn’t always reason enough to give up 50% of your business. Especially in today’s world when it is so easy to hire out help, as well as just about any other skill set you would ever need.

Leaning into Difficult Conversations with Abundance

One thing Steph has learned while going through the elite program is the importance of fairly evaluating herself and her company. She realized that, in order to be profitable, she was going to need to raise the prices of some of her clients. And she mentioned that those were really difficult conversations for her to have. But the truth is, we can decide how we are going to handle those kinds of conversations. If we truly believe that we want to be able to serve them to the best of our ability, and what we have to offer is special, we aren’t going to go into those conversations feeling like we’re asking our clients for a favor. Instead, we are going to go into it with confidence knowing that if they say no to our price raise, another client who is just as great will come along that understands our value and worth and be willing to pay those prices. Leaning in with abundance can really help us through what could have been viewed as something difficult or uncomfortable.

Even When Things Are Going Good, There are Still Ups and Downs

Something that is important to remember that Steph brought up is that even though she is making these changes in her business and is visualizing herself in a wonderful place where she is totally out of cleaning and growing this thing to its potential, there are still tough things going on. Life isn’t perfect now, nor will it ever be. Our clients in our Millionaire Mastermind program who have their cleaning companies almost running themselves are making lots of money. And their lives are really good. But that still doesn’t mean things are always perfect. They still have hardships, they still have normal human lives. Things are always 50/50, no matter what successes we have. That can be a really powerful thing to remember.

Final Takeaway: The right mindset is always the key to growth and moving forward at the end of everything, no matter where you are in your business.

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