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Episode 807

Why the Change that Comes from Taking Action is Scary AND Necessary: Episode 807


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Episode 807 – Why the Change that Comes from Taking Action is Scary AND Necessary: Episode 807

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with Alisha Wolf. Alisha started Wolf Pack Residential Cleaners in April 2021 in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. She is on the podcast today chatting with Mike about the shift listening to the podcast made in her business and why she reached out to him. She was making good money but beating up her body and had no time for her family. She knew something needed to change, so she called up Mike and decided to take real, action.

Putting Faith in the Process

Alisha called up Mike and took a huge leap of faith in joining the program. For her, the leap of faith was because she had a nest egg she collected after her husband left her last year. And she took that nest egg, and she invested in her business and by association, herself. She trusted that even though it was going to put added pressure and stress on her to complete the program when she was still cleaning if she followed the advice, counsel, and coaching, she would come out on the other side of this with all the tools she needed to grow a solid, systemized business.

Not Facing Reality

Something so many of us does when it comes to our numbers is choose not to look at them. We know roughly what we make, or we know what our gross is. But we don’t take the time to really figure out our net. We don’t take into account all the extra costs that take away from our bottom line (profit) like gas in our car, rags, insurance, having to cancel a clean because an employee bails on us, having to fix a clean because our employee didn’t do a good job, and on and on. When we are honest with ourselves and break down our numbers exactly so that we can get clear on how much we’re really making, that’s when we can start to see how much we really need to charge to get 20% profit which is the goal.

Understanding Your Worth

One of the most valuable things Alisha has already taken away from being in our program after just four weeks is understanding her value. Understanding that she deserves to be able to charge what she is worth so that she is able to continue to grow her business and make a profit. And now that she has increased her confidence in that area, she shows up to do bids and tells them the price without hesitation, and sets out her expectations that they need to meet for them to create a working relationship together. And as she has done this, people are saying yes. They see the value she brings, and they are willing to pay a premium for a quality company that is reliable and good at what they do. The power of that can’t be understated. 

Final Takeaway: Pushing out of your comfort zone and doing scary things in the name of growing your business is ALWAYS worth it. 

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