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Episode 740

Why Switching Your Mindset to Cleaning Business Owner is Key: Episode 740


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Episode 740 – Why Switching Your Mindset to Cleaning Business Owner is Key

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have our amazing Clean Profit Method members Brandi and Kevin Portie with us. Kevin was cleaning for a cleaning company when the owner approached him with the opportunity to buy the business from her back in 2019. At the time, Brandi was working as a teacher so really uninvolved in the business until recently. They took it over and started to make some changes to really make it run smoothly. But it wasn’t easy. They had some hiccups along the way and learned some systems and processes that were key to turning things around. Listen in as they chat with Mike about the pivotal changes that needed to happen to make the business their own and allow them to grow.

You Are the Mindset of The People You Surround Yourself With

If you spend all your time with your employees, you are going to have an employee mindset. And that’s not to say that you are better than your employees and don’t spend time with and value them. That is absolutely crucial to a healthy, thriving business. But there is also so much value in spending time with other business owners who are doing it well. Those who inspire you to be the best version of yourselves. In the case of Brandi and Kevin, they were a part of a small business group and were introduced to Mike’s program by a fellow member who had seen a lot of value in it. And she saw in them the potential to be more.

Setting a Date of When You’ll Be Out of Cleaning Can Be Powerful

As will all goals, having something that can hold you accountable like a date can be huge. If not, you’ll just tell yourself forever that you’d like to be done cleaning one day but it’ll never happen. If you give yourself a date and have your belief system right, you’ll be able to take the steps necessary leading up to that date to make sure it really happens. You’ll have a date that other people can hold you accountable as well as yourself. Rather than wishful thinking, this goal will be able to become a reality.

The Best Way to Learn How to Run a Business is to Run One

Brandi has a degree in accounting but was still a little unsure about the numbers initially when it came to being in control of their business finances. Through a mindset shift, she was able to not only feel more comfortable running the financial aspect but now she is excited to better understand it and get systems in place to help her and Kevin start to save money and really maximize their profits.

Final Takeaway: When you know better you do better. Do everything you can to always be learning more so that you can continue to do better for you and your business.

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