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Episode 820

Why Sustainability is Key to Growth: Episode 820


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Episode 820 – Why Sustainability is Key to Growth: Episode 820

Hi Clean Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Brian Mcwilliams. Brian started Cumberland Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Services in November 2015 serving the community of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He’s on the podcast today to chat with Mike about how to keep up with the demand of his business currently, in a sustainable way, and can keep him out of cleaning. Listen to find out what Mike encourages him (and those of your in this situation) to do.

Rest When You Want to Rest

The first Brain mentioned on the podcast was that he had been purposely stunting his growth because he was feeling overwhelmed with accounts that he had vs the employees he had. It should be mentioned here that there is no problem wanting to slow down your growth if you are feeling overwhelmed or like it’s sufficient for your needs at that moment. There is absolutely no shame in that. Don’t run faster than you have strength.

To Stay Out of Cleaning, You Have to Over Prepare

It can be easy to justify that if you just had one more cleaner, all your problems would be solved. But understanding the culture of your industry can be helpful in understanding just how many cleaners you really need to be hiring. For example, it can be common for cleaners to quit without notice and either not come back to work at all, or do a crummy job while their there. A two weeks notice taken seriously is pretty uncommon. Taking this into consideration, it makes sense to have on hand not just one potential employee to take your place and keep you out of cleaning but three or four. Typically, you want to hire three times the people you think you’ll need so that you have plans a, b, and c. This is the way you get out of cleaning no matter how many people quit on your suddenly.

Take Away Fear from the Equation

After understanding how this system of hiring works, Brian asked Mike what to do if you hire too many employees and don’t have enough accounts for them all. And what Mike recommends is that first, you celebrate. The goal is to get enough employees! Then, you tell those employees the truth. Rather than promising them things you can’t deliver, let them know that you are hiring them and that you can’t guarantee their hours. That they might only work 10 hours initially as you continue to build up your accounts and that as accounts increase, so will their hours.Similar to the way hospitals have float nurses that they call in case someone calls out, they will be your float cleaners for the first little while. The other part of this equation, as we talk about so much on the podcast, is to hire initially using the core values of your company so that you align in what matters from the start. 

Final Takeaway: Rest when you need to, hire more people than you need, and tell your employees the truth about their workload. 

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