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Episode 721

Why Starting a Podcast is a Win-Win for Everyone Involved: Episode 721


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Episode 721 – Why Starting a Podcast is a Win-Win for Everyone Involved

What’s up Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay talking John Gluck of Generation Commercial Cleaning Company. John is looking for tips and tricks on starting a podcast of his own. Listen in as Lindsay coaches him on making this vision a reality, and learn why starting a podcast just might be a good business move for you too.

Why Create a Podcast as an Owner of a Cleaning Company

John sees value in starting a podcast for local businesses in the Athens, Georgia area. He wants to interview business owners about their stories and what motivates them. So why are we having a podcast about a cleaning owner starting a business podcast? What does that have to do with you as a listener of OUR podcast? We have a link in the show notes that explains in further detail how you can use a podcast to get potential clients and grow your reputation in your community. If you are interviewing businesses, every one of them is a potential client for you. Even if they don’t end up wanting to hire you, you are offering them a service by giving them a chance to share their story in a way listeners (potential customers) will know, like, and trust them as business owners. They can then refer your business to any of those customers who have a need for a cleaning service. Basically, it’s a way to put yourself out into your community, connect with other local businesses, and network.

Niching Your Podcast

In the case of John-he isn’t worried about having people from all over the country listen to his podcast. He realized the value of niching his podcast as a local podcast to the city he lives in. It’s a great move for anyone looking to start a podcast. Keeping things local means you’ll be speaking to people who are more likely to be your clients since you serve a local location. If you are based in Pocatello Idaho and someone from Temecula California listens to your podcast and wants you to clean for them, it’s not going to be very helpful. Keeping things local will get you better results, better referrals, and better networking opportunities.

More Tips for Starting a Podcast

A common question Lindsay gets asked all the time is how many podcasts a week should you do and for how long. The biggest question you have to ask yourself- and be honest about it- is how many podcasts can you commit to and keep it consistent. When it comes to podcasts-or any other content for that matter-consistency is the most important thing here. We recommend starting with one podcast a week that is about 20 minutes long. That seems to be the sweet spot and it’s a doable goal. Then if down the road you have lots of content and want to increase how many you are doing a week, you can always increase once you’ve nailed down the consistency component.

Final Takeaway

Starting a podcast can be a win-win for you as a business owner and for your community.

More Tips for Starting a Podcast –

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