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Episode 643

Why So Many People Get Stuck Starting and Growing Their Cleaning Company: Episode 643


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Episode 643 – Why So Many People Get Stuck Starting and Growing Their Cleaning Company

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today Shawn and Suzanne Bandick are going to be leading the Grow My Cleaning Company podcast and we are super excited. The topic for today is why so many people get stuck starting and growing their cleaning company.

Why People have Trouble Starting

A lot of people decide to start a cleaning company and believe it is going to be super easy because they are good cleaners. Commonly someone has been cleaning a few houses or has a small cleaning side hustle and one day they decide it’s time to take it to the next level. Some people are happy with working in their business and cleaning and that is great. The down side to this is you can get stuck in the cleaning and not growing. However, if you are really thinking about taking your business to the next level and creating time freedom for yourself, working on your business has to become a priority. This means that you are going to have to stretch your mindset.

The Big Picture

A phrase that we hear a lot is “you just don’t understand. I _______”. For example if you have had the thought of “no one else can clean as well I do”, you are not alone. The feelings that usually come from this is stress, hopelessness, and helplessness. This mindset will hold you back from finding new people to work in your business which in turn will keep you right where you are. In the end you will be the only one doing the work and staying stressed. Instead of loving what you do, it turns into you being stressed and frantic. It’s so important to love what you do because not only does it make your job not fun but you clients can notice that too.

Mindset Switch

Whenever we hear ourselves having a negative thought we can turn it into a positive thought. For example when you are thinking that no one can clean better than you, switch your thought to someone might be able to clean better than me. Thoughts like these will bring you hope and a different perspective on how your business could be. The action that stems from that mindset switch is looking for people who can clean and hire them. Our feelings will always cause our actions and our actions will contribute to our results. All of the sudden you find yourself in a situation where you have an amazing cleaning team and extremely happy customers. Now instead of cleaning you are spending time with your family.

“This is Going to be Easy”

Do you think owning a cleaning company will be easy? Yes, the cleaning part will be easy because you are already great at it! Running a business is more than just cleaning. When you start your business a huge tip we have is to create a picture of what you want your business to look like. If you decide you are not going to be the only one doing it, write down all of the things you need to do. Writing it down will break your goals up into pieces and help you choose your priorities. This system makes starting and growing your business so much more fun and less overwhelming to build. There are so many resources to find tips on how to complete all of your steps. We have hundreds of FREE podcasts and a FREE masterclass that are LOADED with tips and tricks to help you. The most important tip is to know that you CAN do it!

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