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Episode 539

Why Should I Make a Podcast for My Cleaning Company?...and how to do it! Episode 539: Mike Campion LIVE


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Ep 539
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Episode 539 – Why Should I Make a Podcast for My Cleaning Company?...and how to do it!

What the heck does PODCASTING have to do with growing YOUR cleaning company? Surprisingly…EVERYTHING.

I know, I know…podcasting may seem totally unrelated to your business…but I am about to blast that misconception out of the water.

Meet Lindsay Bjorklund – my secret weapon behind the scenes making me look and sound good…

Not only is she our Director of Operations here at GMCC, but she is a ninja kick-ass expert on how to turn podcasting into a marketing, visibility, and sales machine for YOUR business! Let’s dive into it with her!

WHY Should You Make a Podcast for your Cleaning Company?

Podcasts are a great way for your potential clients to go from a stranger, to get to know you, to like and TRUST you! Podcasts are an EXCELLENT way to do this! You will be bringing VALUE to your peeps while they get to know you better!

People tend to BINGE listen so when they do reach out they LOVE you! It gives you a celebrity vibe that opens doors for you. You can send your podcasts to your best prospects to teach them how to buy from you in an automated authentic way. You can even invite your BEST prospects to be GUESTS on your podcast which is an excellent way to convert them into clients.

But Lindsay, what am I gonna yak about?

Surprisingly,  DON’T make it ALL about cleaning. 90% of your content should be about bringing value to your listener and only 10% (or LESS) is about your offer. You’re going to center the theme of your podcast around your niche. How often do we “sell” ANYTHING here or in our podcasts? Never! We just offer MORE value!

A few of our clients are making AWESOME podcasts right now like Ashley Whaley’s  “More Free Time Portland” podcast or Spencer Ward – “Pocatello Business Podcast”.

Other ideas of niche related podcasts: retired communities – make it all about activities, deals, etc or how about busy 30 something professionals who need more time and don’t wanna clean?

To come up with more podcast ideas, make a list of 10 ideas every day for 10 days. After 10 days, you’ll have a list of 100 ideas.  You’ll have about 5-10 of those will be decent ideas! Also, go to your niche and ask what they want to talk about!Check Facebook groups to see what posts get a lot of interaction or use free tools like Google Trends or fancy paid tools like Buzz Sumo. Lastly, make sure to join FB groups around your niche!

The Workflow:

The workflow I’m teaching you today is simple. You don’t need any fancy studio gear to start – just a laptop or even smartphone. Seriously, the gateway into podcast kingdom is that easy!

This whole thing is going to center around FB Live or even a pre-recorded video, which you’re going to be able to reuse into an audio podcast, a Youtube video, and even social media content on IG, Twitter, etc. You want to base your podcast off of video. People will literally begin to trust your face AND your voice. Just like everything Mike teaches,  this is all about SYSTEMS and I’m gonna deep dive into that now.

  • Step 1- Find a software that you can schedule FB lives with. I recommend Ecamm or Streamyard. These are going to allow you to schedule your video ahead of time. You want to create a buzz! Bonus tip: you can make a cute thumbnail with a cool caption as a place holder for your video. Try  Pixlr or Canva – they’re FREE! (Also this thumbnail comes in handy later if you want to post the vid on Youtube.)
  • Step 2- Jot down a script of what you want to say.  I recommend practicing it once before you go live (or hit record) and timing yourself  to make it 15-20 min tops. (hint – interviews always go longer than you’d expect)
  • Step 3- Go LIVE at your scheduled time or record your video. DO the thing. Don’t worry about who’s watching or who’s going to listen to this in the future! 
  • Step 4- After your FB Live is done, and/or your video is recorded, share the crap outta it! Download it,  then upload to Youtube and also make the audio into mp3. I got a secret weapon for this too – check out Mike found this for us GAME CHANGER for automating your podcast!
  • Step 5- Depending on how hardcore you want to get with syndication (you can do it in steps) I recommend getting the audio up on Apple Podcasts first (leader in industry) and Spotify second. Libsyn is a GREAT syndication tool and I highly recommend checking it out.
  • Step 6- Rinse and repeat. CONSISTENCY is key. Make your goal to make a video 1x a week at the same time every week. Same Bat Time. Same Bat Channel. Once you get comfy, bump it to 2x a week.

This type of podcast workflow has such a low barrier to entry and gets people KNOWING you and thus your brand. Eventually if you fall in love w/ it, you can get more fancy equipment and really promote it. The KEY is to start.

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