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Episode 819

Why Positive Mindset is a Learned Skill Not a Personality Trait: Episode 819


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Episode 819 – Why Positive Mindset is a Learned Skill Not a Personality Trait: Episode 819

Hi Clean Nation! Today on the podcast, we have our favorite Suzanne, one of our amazing mindset coaches here to talk about a way that you can play with your mindset to lessen fears, stop thinking negatively, and the ability to actually focus on what you want. Listen in today for all kinds of wisdom on this important subject!

Decide What You Want to Experience

The first step towards having a more positive mindset is to decide intentionally what experience you want to have in your life. If the word mindset sound a little too hippy dippy for you, think of it as beliefs rather than mindset. The result is the same and as you focus your brain on the things you want to see, your brain will start to create that evidence.

You Have to Be Willing to Think of Something Different

It can be easy or tempting to think to yourself- this positivity stuff doesn’t sound very realistic, I am more of a realist. And realists don’t have time to think positive things about stuff that won’t help. But our suggestion is that you just start out with a week and see how you feel after. As you step into this space and get more comfortable in it, it will start to feel like a more real part of you, especially if you are ready for things to change and if you are ready for something new. Bringing positivity into your life intentionally can be a powerful source to bring into your life more of what you want. Seeing the negative is SOO easy. It’s what we are conditioned to do. It takes a lot of strength to see the good in the people, things, and experiences. But that’s where true change starts.

Get in the Habit of Implementing

The best way to really get this to be a part of your life is to make it a habit just like everything else. It can be as simple in the beginning as focusing on the good. Maybe you want to get 10 new clients this month and instead of celebrating the fact that you got 7 new clients instead of the goal of ten, you remunerate on the fact that you didn’t reach your goal.  You blame the potential clients for not seeing your vision rather than asking yourself how you could improve your pitch. You criticize your employees instead of discovering ways to improve your training processes. When you stop spinning in negative thoughts and constantly seeing what others are doing wrong, you free up your brain to be able to solve problems. 

Final Takeaway: Having a positive mindset is a habit that needs to be put into practice just like any other habit. 

Love the idea, but find it overwhelming? Want to learn the next steps like, what to actually say on the call? Jump on a call with one of our coaches and learn strategies on how to grow your cleaning company and start loving your job every day! Book here 

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