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Episode 718

Why Perfectionism is Actually Fear and Why It’s Keeping You Stuck : Episode 718


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Episode 718 – Why Perfectionism is Actually Fear and Why It’s Keeping You Stuck

Hi Cleaning Nation! The Cleaning Nation team is fresh off of a retreat with our Next Level and Millionaire Mindset members and today we are going to talk about the biggest issue we saw at the retreat this past week. And that was perfectionism. Perfectionism can seem like a lovely quality that means that we are good and strive to be really good at everything. In reality, it can be a really paralyzing and stagnant place to be ultimately hindering your progress as a business owner. Listen in today as we unpack what perfectionism is and a more powerful and effective alternative.

Unpacking Perfectionism

One of the tell-tale signs that you are a perfectionist is the amount of time it takes for you to make a decision. If it takes you 10 times longer than the average person, chances are you are a perfectionist. If you are laboring and worrying and have anxiety anytime you have to decide something, chances are you are a perfectionist. It impedes action and decisions. It ultimately leads to procrastination. The irony of all of it, however, is that perfectionism is really just fear in disguise. By not making that decision, you’re telling yourself you’re afraid of what will happen if you get it wrong. In reality, the notion of perfection is flawed to begin with. There is actually no such thing as a perfect anything.

Often Wrong, Never in Doubt

Mike says this phrase a lot. And it ties in perfectly with what we’re talking about today with perfectionism because it’s the idea that we don’t have to get it totally right the first time around. We can be willing to put something out there, even if it’s crappy because we’re getting something out there. Then we can put out crappy 1.0 and we’ll have a baseline so that we can develop that into crappy 2.0, and crappy 3.0 until eventually, ah-ha! You’ve got it exactly the way that you want it. But being willing to do that requires that you don’t get it 100% right the first time. It requires the willingness to get it wrong.

The never in doubt part of this refers to what comes after you’ve made the decision. Once you’ve made it, you go forward with it. You don’t spin wondering if it’s the right choice, otherwise, you’re right back in indecision again! We just got out of that, and it’s forward movement only from here on out.

Everything is a learning opportunity, there are no mistakes. The only mistake is self-doubt.

What You Can Do Today to Start Practicing This Skill

Every single one of us has one- or maybe several- decisions that we have been sitting on for a while now. Either because we think we don’t have the bandwidth to think about that decision or because we think it’s going to take too long to make. Pull out those decisions now and DO something about it. Make a decision and move forward. It’s as simple as that. It’s the best and only way to get out of analysis paralysis.

Final Takeaway:

Everything is a learning opportunity, there are no mistakes. The only mistake is self-doubt.

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