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Episode 691

Why Niche is Not Enough for Success in Your Cleaning Company : Episode 691


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Episode 691 – Why Niche is Not Enough for Success in Your Cleaning Company

Today our guest is Maria Ruelas. She is the owner of iClean Cleaning Services in Mount Vernon, Texas. She started in 2019 and service both residential and commercial clients

Maria uses a lot of the information that she’s heard on the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast. Applying the information she’s learned has helped her to grow her cleaning business. Now she’s on the podcast to ask for advice to her target Niche.

Maria’s High End Niche

Maria started her cleaning business in their small town to support her family on income. Although it’s a small town, there’s a lot of people that have vacation lake homes. She is making sure her team gives extra touches, and provides high quality, high end service. She’s looking for some kind of system to make sure her employees consistently provide this level of service. Maria doesn’t want to be at every cleaning to do this.

Knowing Your Client's Pain First

Before answering this question. We have to break it down and lay the foundation. One of the biggest mistakes we see people make is not understanding their niche or their client’s needs. So many times, we see cleaners project what they want onto their clients. In other words, what we assume the client may want, might actually not be what they’re looking for in reality. They think and want things different than we want. This is step one- only do offer services that add value, not stuff that you feel that they need.

A Step Beyond Systems

We have to be able to go from thinking that “I’m the artistic person or I’m special sauce that makes the difference” to “the person that creates can create a system to get a result in people’s lives”. Next, you teach other people this system. If Maria had to be in every house supervising the quality, that is not a system she can scale her business with. The system actually has a lot less to do with polishing furniture for example, than how it makes the person feel. You want to go after the feeling the person has when coming home to their clean, upscale vacation home. One example Mike uses is leaving a little Welcome Gift, like a bottle of champagne and some strawberries.

Maria's Takeaway

Maria believes she’s been on the right track after hearing this coaching. She’s already toyed with that idea of leaving a little card on the first clean as a thank you card. She was also thinking of getting cute candles from a local store for her clients. She knows that she and her clients need to be on the same page concerning their wants and needs. Now she knows that it’s not the tailored service that’s important but how they feel.

When you’re creating experiences for someone, they’ll pay anything, especially if it’s your perfect niche.

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