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Episode 763

Why Letting Go of Controlling the Outcome is the Best Thing You Can Do: Episode 763


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Episode 763 – Why Letting Go of Controlling the Outcome is the Best Thing You Can Do

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Abu Sama of Ocean Cleaning Service on the podcast with Mike. He started his company in Des Moines, Iowa in April 2020. Listen in as he and Mike talk about how to rebuild his business in a way that he feels like he enjoys what he does and is building a culture where he, and employees, want to continue working. Not only that but how he can let go of having to control the way his business is going to shake out as he continues to build it.

A Common Problem in the Cleaning World

One of the things Abu is currently struggling with is that balance between having enough customers to hire the right about of employees, and having the right amount of employees to be able to take care of the needs of his customers. It’s a chicken/egg situation and there isn’t usually a right answer, but if you have systems for both that are working and running smoothly, though it’s a dynamic industry where is constant change and turnaround with customers and employees, everything still tends to go much more smoothly.

Moving Past the Fear of Things Going Wrong

Much of the difficulty that comes from making these decisions about hiring vs getting enough clients to hire more employees is because of the underlying fear our brain gives us. What if we don’t have enough hours for them? What if I get too many clients and I can’t keep up? What if I lose clients because I don’t have time to train efficiently. What if I hire a bunch of employees just to lose a bunch of clients? At the end of the day, working on your mindset to get over the fear of something you can’t control anyway will serve you much better than trying to control the situation. Being honest with people and yourself is the best way to go.

Cheapest Isn’t Always Best

When it comes to understanding your value as a cleaner and knowing what to charge, cheap isn’t always best. And it can be intimidating or stressful to ask for more money if you feel like you just need to get clients in any way, shape, or form, but the truth is that though people think they want the very cheapest, they understand at some level what quality costs. So if you can show them that what they want more than the absolute cheapest option is quality, integrity, someone they can count on, etc., you’ll feel more comfortable asking for a price that is fair for both of you.

Final Takeaway: Get rid of the fear around not being able to control the direction things will always go, you just can’t control everything. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you’re worth. 

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