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Episode 841

Why Laying a Solid Foundation Will Save You Years of Costly Mistakes: Episode 841


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Episode 841 – Why Laying a Solid Foundation Will Save You Years of Costly Mistakes: Episode 841

Today on the podcast, we have Mary Faith Olsen who is just finishing our program. She started her residential cleaning company in Manchester, New Hampshire in May 2022 so she’s very new. But after having her third baby and missing much of the childhood of her first two children from having to work 9-5, she decided that she wanted to work for herself this time. She dabbled for a bit without much success and it was really a hit to her confidence, but after talking to a friend, she decided it was time to really go for it and give this her all. It was then that she joined the Clean Profit Method and has seen a huge shift in the way her business is running this time.

Deciding to Go For it

Something powerful that we learn about Mary in this episode is her decision to go all in. She was very busy before all this started. She was waking up early and going to bed late. So she would take some time when her kids were sleeping to herself to watch TV or just relax and hang out. But she decided if she was serious, she needed to utilize that time to better herself and how to grow really putting time into that education. In Mary’s case, she could make a lot of excuses for why she needs that rest to just unwind. But she understands that it is her decisions that will make or break her ability to be able to provide for her children on her own terms. It is an inspiring story to all of us who have very real reasons why building a business seems too hard. If we choose to keep going for our ultimate goals, it takes commitment and perseverance, even when it isn’t fun.

Building a Clientele You Love

When Mary started the program, she had zero clients. By learning the power of growing a niche, she started connecting with women like her who were entrepreneurs who didn’t have time to clean. Because those women feel connected to her on a core value level, they are telling their friends about her and she is able to grow her clientele into people with whom she feels a sense of community. She has realized how amazing it is to be able to choose clients she looks forward to working with, especially since she is still doing all the cleaning at this point.

Getting it Right From the Beginning

The greatest benefit Mary is getting from signing up for the Clean Profit Method right from the beginning is that she is setting up her business correctly for growth with the right systems and processes. There are so many people who come to us after being in business for years because their business model is a mess and they have to start from scratch and build up again. Instead of spending years making costly mistakes, Mary is educating herself on how to do it all right from the ground up. So now, her job is just to grow and scale up from the beautiful foundation she has laid. 

Final Takeaway: Starting with the right base will save you years of costly mistakes and frustration and allow you to scale and grow right away. 

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