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Episode 758

Why Hiring a Manager Isn’t Always the Best Solution to Overwhelm : Episode 758


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Episode 759 – Why Hiring a Manager Isn’t Always the Best Solution to Overwhelm

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Mike talking to Andres Higuera of Eco Green Cleaning Office Cleaning Services in May 2008 in Chesapeake, Virginia. Andres has grown a successful business and now has a team to manage. But he’s ready to give away some of that responsibility to a manager or a supervisor so that he can have more free time and also focus on contracts and sales rather than day-to-day things like training and managing schedules. Listen in to hear Mikes’s best advice on how to handle this sticky situation and get the most ideal outcome.

Wanting More Freedom Doesn’t Always Mean Hiring Another Boss

Sometimes when we feel overwhelmed with all of our roles, it seems like the most obvious option is to hire another one of us to take some of the load off. But hiring another boss doesn’t always make the most sense. Especially if you get clear and what you really want to be taken off of your plate. It might be as simple as hiring a few virtual assistants to help with tasks that take too much time out of your day. Or maybe hiring a supervisor to manage employees directly. Or maybe an accountant or bookkeeper to keep track of your finances and account payable. Or maybe some combination of both. But before you start hiring someone, get really clear on what problem you are trying to solve by hiring them and you’ll likely get the most traction from that hire.

Break Up the Tasks of a Supervisor Into Smaller Chunks, Then Hire Accordingly

Rather than hiring one person to do seven different things that require seven different skill sets, hire for each task individually. Hire someone who all they do is scheduling. It could be a VA or someone who does contract work, whatever it takes to get that off your plate without having to hire a whole other full-time position. The same goes with all the other tasks you want to be taken off of you. Offer extra hours to one of your cleaners who is willing to take over the responsibility of cleaning the dirty rags and distributing them. Add on cleaning inspections to another employee’s responsibilities. Hire a contractor to take care of all of your supplies. You’ll likely save money and headaches from having things systemized this way. And then, if one of them quits or it doesn’t work out, you’re replacing the work of one task rather than seven.

Hiring for Smaller Tasks Takes Less Training

Another benefit of hiring qualified people for individual tasks is that you won’t have to train them (or have minimal training) to do those tasks. They will already be qualified and used to the task at hand, unlike a supervisor who will have to learn each thing individually as all businesses run a little differently. Now, you’ll be responsible to train them in each individual area with which you’ll need their help.

Final Takeaway: Hiring qualified people to do specific tasks is usually more beneficial than hiring one supervisor.

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