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Episode 729

Why Giving Thanks Matters as Business Owner: Episode 729


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Episode 729 – Why Giving Thanks Matters as Business Owner

Hi Cleaning Nation and happy Thanksgiving! This week, as least in the U.S., we celebrate Thanksgiving. And the reason behind the holiday has gotten a little convoluted over the years, but for our purpose today, we want to- and always do every year- do an special ‘giving thanks’ episode to thank you our community for making all that we do possible as well as speak to the importance of giving thanks along the way in your own journey. Join Mike and Natalie as they talk about why this is such an important process in the growth of your business.

Give Thanks Along the Way

As part of our team meetings at Cleaning Nation, before we get going every week, we take a minute and celebrate our wins and give thanks for the things going right. And the reason we do that is because, as business owners, we are taught and encouraged to always make goals for ourselves. And those goals are good, they are what motivate us to dream bigger and reach for higher things. But, there is always going to be a bigger and grander goal to aspire to. And if you don’t stop and look at where you’ve come from and sit in that and appreciate it for what it is, you will get burnt out. It can be so easy to focus on what’s undone and forget all the things that are done. There isn’t much satisfaction in never being satisfied.

Don’t Forget Where the Business Goes in Terms of Priority

When we step back and realize that our business- wherever it is in its progression- is a vehicle for us to have the life we want, we can make sure we get our priorities in the order we want them in. Rather than treating the business like it is our Bae (before all else) we can remember that we started a business to have a better work life balance, or be able to spend more time with our family, or whatever our reasons are, but they are OUR reasons. The point being, we can step back and realign ourselves making sure we are running our business and not the other way around.

At the End of All of It, What Are We Willing to Sacrifice

For Mike, choosing business over family was a real and literal loss. In his previous marriage, he was so focused on building his business, in the name of ‘doing it for the family’, that he lost his family in the process. In his case, he got divorced and lost the money the business was currently making in the process. And in the middle of all of it, he realized how uninterested he was in the business. It was that experience that showed him the importance of prioritizing your business in a way that will bless you and your family, not replace all of it.

Lowering Our Happiness Quota Allows for More Happiness

Whenever we are faced with a challenge, be it in our relationship, our business or any other part of our life, we have two choices. We can face it with disappointment thinking things should be different, or we can choose to elevate our gratitude and put things into perspective. And when we do the latter, it is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves. It helps us to view the world with a more grounded perspective rather than always hustling and wanting for more and more.

Final Takeaway

Having gratitude through your business journey can help keep things in perspective, and help keep your goals pointed towards what matters most.

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