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Episode 732

Why Getting Out of Cleaning is the Best Gift You Could Give Yourself: Episode 732


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Episode 732 – Why Getting Out of Cleaning is the Best Gift You Could Give Yourself

Welcome Cleaning Nation! Today, we have one of our favorite humans on the podcast, Nina Buris. Nina is one of our next level members now, but she’s been in the game a LONG time. She started A Diamond in the Rough Cleaning back in 2001. She has been through lots of ups and downs but has continued to expand and change to keep up with the times- something she considered one of the most important things a business owner can do to continue to grow. Listen in today as she and Mike discuss her journey to get out of cleaning, the struggles and lessons learned. This podcast is so relatable!

A Lesson to Learn in How Nina Found Us

A few years into her business, Nina was growing but she was ready to get out of cleaning. She has been cleaning off and on but after the crash of 2008 had gone back to cleaning more again. She wasn’t sure how to take herself out of the cleaning portion of her business and still be successful. That was when she started looking up podcasts about cleaning and ways to get out. She found us and the rest is history. BUT, it is really important to note here that the reason she ultimately became a member of Grow My Cleaning Company is not because she saw an ad from us advertising a coaching call. It was because we were giving away free content that was helping her find answers. Then, when we approached her with a full, long term, detailed solution to her problem, it only made sense that she join. The takeaway here being that because she found a solution to a problem she had, she was willing to look into what we had to offer. Always be the solution your potential clients are looking for.

How Long it Takes to Get Out of Cleaning is Up to You

Nina’s story represents a very common occurrence in cleaning businesses, which is that we can be ‘almost’ done cleaning for a LONG time. Until you make the mindset decision that you will never walk into a house and clean again, no matter the emergency, staffing shortage, or any other fire that might make it feel like you have to be there, there will always be a reason why you have to be cleaning and not running your business. People often try to do both but burn out quickly with that arrangement. Nina learned the hard way how important it is to make that decision and stick firmly to it. It is the only way real growth can take place in your business. When you step out from cleaning, you are free to run your business as the CEO.

Plan for A,B,C,D and Z If You Want to Be Done Cleaning

The hiring process without systems in place can be so exhausting and ineffective it’s overwhelming to even think about hiring a new person. You’ll likely get 100 applicants, of which you’ll go through about 26 of them before you get totally overwhelmed. Of those 26, you might contact 15 and get a hold of about 6 of them. Maybe 4 of them show up after days of chasing them down. And at the end of it, if you don’t know what kind of employee you’re looking for in the first place, you’ll likely hire someone who is average and stops showing up after a few weeks. And then you’re back to square one. None of this is conducive to getting out of cleaning.

Instead, if you have real systems and processes in place including a clear idea of who you are trying to hire, you can hire much more effectively and with less headache. But even once that’s done, you have to have enough staff for when plan A, B, C, D and even Z don’t work out. That way, you’re never going to be the one required to clean when no one shows up, because you are going to have a plan for every possible fall through.

Focusing on Being the Best Cleaning Company Will Get Your Farther

Often, we think we are the ‘magic cleaner’. We are the only ones who can do it well. That keeps us cleaning and it keeps us stuck. If we instead focus on being the best cleaning company, we can build and grow and serve a much bigger community. Not to mention make more money and enjoy our jobs more. As long as you are cleaning, you are only able to impact that one person you are currently cleaning for at any one time.

Final Takeaway: Getting Out of Cleaning can feel hard and scary. It’s easy to make lots of excuses. But your company will thank you if you can make those courageous steps necessary to make it possible. And so will you.

Want to know more about these tools and what you can do to get out of your own way and improve your mindset? Go to to listen to our FREE webinar or and book a call with one of our coaches. They will get you set up with all the tools, systems, and more to build the business you’ve always wanted.

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