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Episode 951

Why Finding a Niche is Key for Cleaning Companies: Episode 951


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Episode 951 – Why Finding a Niche is Key for Cleaning Companies

Finding a niche can be a game-changer for any business, and it is no different for cleaning companies. In this episode taken from a recent coaching session, Mike advises a client Esther, who was looking to clean offices, but Mike notes that “offices” are not a niche. He recommends being more specific and considering cleaning only managers’ offices, dentists’ offices, chiropractic offices, lawyers’ offices, and doctors’ offices, among others. This specificity makes it easier for the business to market and target the right audience. While it is possible to work without a niche, it is easier to get noticed and build expertise when you specialize in a particular area.

Mike ppoints out that the easiest way to grow a cleaning company is to find a tiny niche and then expand as the business grows. He explains that it is like coaching business owners. Saying “Hey, business owners come to me for any business owner” is very difficult. It is easier to be specific and say, “I coach owners of cleaning companies.” This specificity makes it easier for potential clients to understand what you do and identify with your business. Mike goes on to say that he had spoken to many people in the cleaning business and found that the specificity of his niche helped him be awesome at his job.

Mike also points out that when you specialize, you can learn the nuances of each industry you serve. For example, the pain points of a dentist’s office will be different from those of a car dealership, which are different from those of a surgical office, and so on. This specificity means that the business can offer better solutions to clients, making it easier to attract more clients.

Finally, Mike advisesthat when starting, the more specific the niche, the better. Although the business may not be able to identify potential clients down to their shirt color or their exact needs, the more specific the niche, the easier it is to target the right people. By competing with someone who has been in the business for a long time, it is tough to get noticed. However, if the business can specialize in a niche, such as car dealerships or pool cleaning companies, they can quickly become experts in that area and be better than competitors. In conclusion, finding a niche is an excellent way for businesses to grow and be more successful.

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