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Episode 780

Why Comparing Yourself to Your Competition Only Hurts You: Episode 780


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Episode 780 – Why Comparing Yourself to Your Competition Only Hurts You

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Nash Oudit here to chat with Mike. Nash started ViraBusters Maid Service in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in October 2019. Listen in as he and Mike chat about what it looks like to hire a successful team that you can count on and that your clients are happy with.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Your Competition

One of the things Nash mentioned that led him to ask his question for Mike was what he found people were saying about his competitors. Mike cautioned to never compare yourself to a competitor because you just don’t have to full picture of what is working and what isn’t working. Sometimes, people who have terrible websites and no marketing have thriving, successful businesses because they’ve been around forever and have a great clientele. Other times, a fancy website and all the flashy things doesn’t mean that they are making money. There are plenty of broke companies appearing to make money.

Don’t Try to Hire Another Entrepreneur

When it comes to hiring a team, a mistake cleaning company owners often make is they want to try to hire someone like them who wants to grow a business. But the reality is, those who clean often aren’t those who are entrepreneurs. It is a different skill set. Not that they don’t have the ability to grow something, just that generally someone who is applying for a cleaning position isn’t at that spot in their life yet where they’re looking to grow and expand the company.

Don’t Compare Your Worst With Someone Else’s Best

It is really easy to look at what other businesses around you are doing well and compare it to what you are struggling with. But it puts you in such a powerless position because it always makes you feel less than. Rather than worrying about what they are doing, focus on you, on your own goals, on your own creativity, and create what you want regardless of what others around you are doing.

Final Takeaway: Don’t compare someone’s best to your worst. 

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