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Episode 725

Why Building a Positive Company Culture Will Have a Domino Effect (in a Good Way): Episode 725


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Episode 725 – Why Building a Positive Company Culture Will Have a Domino Effect (in a Good Way)

Hi Cleaning Nation! Welcome to the podcast! Today, our wonderful mindset coach Tracey Thompson is chatting with Kayla Irby. Kayla is really special because she started her cleaning company Bright Maids in 2012 when she was only 16 years old! She started it as a little side job when she was still in high school and loved it so much that she kept going after she graduated and has built it over the past 10 years. Her motto for her company is “Taking stress out of homes and keeping them healthy” which is so great. Listen as she and Tracey chat about her journey to get to where she is today, what she’s learned, and what advice she has for others following in her footsteps.

A Mindset Shift She Didn’t Know She Needed

Kayla wasn’t necessarily looking for help when she saw our ads. She had grown her company to a team of 18 and was doing really well. But once she started to think about her mindset, she began to wonder if there was room for improvement. For example, hiring was kind of a struggle for her. When she was first starting out, she thought people wouldn’t want to work for her because she was too young. Then, she started to think that people didn’t want to work in general.

When she came to us, she learned about the power of creating a positive culture within her team. She started to have team parties and get-togethers and unity started to form within her employees. Now, everyone gets along and are reliable for each other. She never has issues with people not showing up or having to cancel clients because she can’t hire enough cleaners.

A Positive Work Culture Can Make All the Difference

Since making these changes in her company, Kayla has had employees tell her they were considering leaving and working for Amazon since the pay was better but that they chose to stay because they knew it was a positive work environment. She has also had potential employees looking to interview who have seen her employee parties online and have pushed them to want to apply for the job knowing it will be a fun place to work.

Value Your Employees Above Everything Else

Something Kayla has done that has brought her so much success is to do everything she can to value her employees. So, for example, when a new client approaches her and wants to give her money, if they aren’t a core value match, she doesn’t take them on as a customer because she doesn’t want her employees to have to work for hard people. When a client complains about a cleaner, she never assumes they are right or wrong. Instead, she has open, direct communication with her employee giving them the benefit of the doubt and then they work together towards a resolution. She also has an inspector that goes around checking quality control but their approach is very positive as well. All of these steps ensure a positive experience for all and employees who want to do their best.

One Myth in the Cleaning Industry

For Kayla, this myth is that cleaners are at the bottom of the proverbial work food chain. That they are cleaning because they don’t have any skill sets or career aspirations when she hasn’t found that to be the case at all. These people are hard-working, often with goals of their own and from her, they are learning every day what kind of culture they want to work in long term or build themselves if they’re interested in entrepreneurship.

Final Take Away

Building a fun, value-based, positive company culture where you have your employees back will make hiring employees, getting clients, and building your business easier.

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