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Episode 742

Why Baby Steps Will Get You More Momentum Than Huge Goals: Episode 742


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Episode 742 – Why Baby Steps Will Get You More Momentum That Huge Goals

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, Mike and Tracey are going to talk about the power of recurring contracts. Though we don’t often think about it in these terms, recurring contracts are the real money makers of our business. They are the things that give us some stability rather than constantly hustling for new clients week in and week out. Not only that, but if you are eventually interested in selling your company, recurrent contracts that you can pass over to the buyer will add a lot of value to the overall evaluation of your company. We have Tracey on the podcast with Mike to talk specifically about the mindset around moving confidently into more recurring contracts which can be applied to anything in your business you know needs to happen right now that you’re putting off. Come learn why not taking that leap is holding you back.

Your Monkey Brain Tries to Keep You Small

Even if you don’t view it as fear, anything your brain is trying to tell you about why you shouldn’t do something is fear in disguise. Our natural brain, or our monkey brain is that part of our brain that constantly assesses risk and tries to minimize it. It can do so by telling us it’s better not to go out of our comfort zone because things could go wrong. But all of that is just fear in disguise and it is ultimately holding us back from doing the things we need to in order to move forward. We would challenge you to challenge that voice that is trying to keep you small. More than likely, it’s not serving you.

Make Incremental Changes

Sometimes, rather than telling ourselves complete lies to keep us small, we are just simply comfortable with what we’re doing so don’t want to change. Maybe we like those seasonal jobs, we like that one time flooring contract. Recurring contracts seem like more work or are out of our comfort zones so it’s easier to stay with what we know. Tracey encourages you to make small, incremental changes. So maybe start with one, small contract. Get used to it. Start to see the benefits of it and you’ll be more likely to want to do more of what is working. But incremental changes are much more realistic.

Take This Time to Make Some Goals For Changes in the New Year

This is the perfect time to start taking steps towards these changes you need to make in your business today. Stop putting off for tomorrow what you can do today. Take action. And if the action requires a lot of work, break the work down into incremental steps that are easy to do so that you are making progress towards where you need to go. Baby steps can be a powerful way to get out of that monkey mind and show your brain that you can do hard things

Final Takeaway: Rather than try to convince yourself you have to take huge steps towards progress, break those things into small steps that are easy to do. You’ll get way farther.

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