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Episode 724

Why Approaching Potential Clients Gently Will Have Better Results Every Time : Episode 724


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Episode 724 – Why Approaching Potential Clients Gently Will Have Better Results Every Tim

Welcome to the podcast Cleaning Nation! Today, we have Susan Graham who started cleaning homes in Zionsville, Indiana back in 2018 after losing a corporate job. After looking for a job for a few months, she started cleaning and loved the flexibility so much she never looked back. Now she’s grown her business to the point where she only works part-time, has a handful of employees, and is looking to get better at bidding correctly for clients and wondering how best to get those systems in place Listen in as Mike drops lots of nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Creating an Easy Barrier for Potential Clients

Thus far in Susan’s cleaning company, she has required an initial deep clean the first time she cleans a client’s house. And she has had a hard time knowing how to bid correctly for those because sometimes the cleans can take longer than she initially thinks based on the condition of the house and then that can cause problems with the clients if they have to pay more than they were originally bid. But a part of their experience with her company-whether it is negative or positive has to do with the approach or barriers in place to get their business. A required deep clean upon signing them up as a client can feel like a hard barrier to get through. A better approach could be letting them know upfront that you prefer to do a deep clean because if you don’t, you can never catch up on the house and get it to the cleanliness standard they are paying you for. With that understanding, they are more likely to have a positive experience and hire you more long-term.

Speaking to the Client’s Pain

Another helpful approach to getting your client to have a positive experience is to speak to their pain rather than the specifics. So rather than focusing on all the nitty-gritty details about what kind of cleaner you’ll use and your exact cleaning process, talk to them about what they’ll feel after you’ve cleaned their house. Talk to them about the stress it will take off their plate, about how they’ll feel when they come home to a clean house, and about the time they’ll get back once you take this off their plate. Those are much more effective ways to approach the sales process and you’ll be more likely to have someone say yes to you.

Approach Your Client without Judgement or Shame

Along the lines of speaking to their pain and creating easy boundaries comes the mindset with which we approach them. Rather than having an underlying tone of, ‘well your house is so messy we are going to have to charge you extra for this’, approaching it in a way that is light or empathetic will come across much softer and be better received. Not only that but that potential client will be less likely to feel judgement or shame about the current state of their house.

Final Takaway

Rather than approach a potential client with potential barriers, mundane details and judgment, approach them with easy barriers, speak to their pain and come with empathy. The results will be amazing! 

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