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Episode 723

Why an Identity Shift Will Help You Get Out of Your Own Way: Episode 723


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Episode 723 – Why an Identity Shift Will Help You Get Out of Your Own Way

Welcome to the podcast Clean Nation! Today on the podcast we have a total rockstar. Renee Kraus started Renee’s Cleaning Service in 2013. She has been with us for over a year and has experienced explosive growth during this time. Listen to learn what paradigm shift she learned that helped her get out of cleaning, become a business owner, create the culture she wanted and DOUBLE her revenue in the process!

What Needed to Change

Renee had been around for seven years before she finally came to us to help her improve her business. She had grown a steady business of happy clients. The issue was, she was getting really stuck when it came to hiring and creating an effective hiring funnel. Through all these years, she had stayed as a cleaner in the business rather than taking herself out of the day-to-day and growing her business. Her rationale was that she had worked with bosses in the past who were so out of touch with what was going on in the business that they weren’t able to support their employees. When she came into the Clean Profit Method, she was able to realize that this thinking was ultimately getting in her way of being able to grow her business the way she wanted to.

Shifting Your Identity

A toxic thought that can mask as a good one is telling yourself that you are the best cleaner you have. It keeps you stuck because you can’t ever leave cleaning or you’ll give your clients a lesser experience. Instead, an identity shift is required from cleaner to business owner. The road can be slow and sometimes rocky. That mindset shift doesn’t happen overnight. But it is really important to make the decision first and then it is easier to embrace your business for what it is and the growth that will come. Basically, you must first ‘be’ what you want, then ‘do’ what’s necessary to make that happen, and finally ‘have’ what you want.

With the Identify Shift Comes Growth

Once you have made the decision to view yourself as a business owner and not someone who is in the business, you start to see a shift. Not just in yourself but in your business itself. As you become a better person, and you become a better business leader, your business grows. This has been Renee’s experience. In fact, though she had been in business for seven years when she came to Clean Nation, through these shifts she’s made in her business, she has DOUBLED her profit over the past year. And the best part? She’s not cleaning anymore.

Biggest Piece of Advice from Renee

When asked what the biggest piece of advice Renee gives other business owners in a similar spot than she was is this-keep a journal. Write down and keep track of your progress. Write down how you are changing and how your business is changing. You’ll be surprised by the amount of growth you’ll see.


Final Takeaway:

Choose to do something different. Lean into an identity change and choose to be a business owner then watch the chips fall in the right places around you.

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