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Episode 871

Why a Positive Self-Image is Essential to Having a Successful Business: Episode 871


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Episode 871 – Why a Positive Self-Image is Essential to Having a Successful Business: Episode 871

Today on the podcast, we have Mike chatting with one of our incredible mindset coaches Suzanne. They are here today to talk about how our self-image is autocorrected. This is an exciting concept that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough, but it is essential for being who we want to be in our business. Listen in as they talk about what this means, why it matters, and how to develop it yourself.

Your Identity Contributes to Your Self Image

Man is forever picturing that which he is conscious of being. In other words, our self-image is getting our results. A great example of that is a drinker. In Mike’s case, he uses the example of not drinking. If you are someone who doesn’t drink and has made that decision not to, when alcohol gets offered to you, there is no going back and forth about whether or not you are going to have a drink, because your identity is, ‘I am not a drinker. It’s a decision that has been made beforehand and then over and over again, so it’s something your brain is comfortable with. It is an identity that you give yourself. In the same way, we can give ourselves an identity around how we view ourselves and our self-worth and use that momentum to propel us toward who we want to be.

Be Aware That Your Self-Image Matters

Of course, this goes far beyond just your business, your self-image affects every part of your life. But we are going to focus on the business portion in this podcast episode. If you don’t have a great self-image, every time you go to make a shift in your business- increase revenue, get out of cleaning, take things to the next level, you are going to be confronted all over again with these doubts that you have about yourself and what you are capable of. So the first thing you have to have to start to overcome this is the awareness that it exists in the first place. Step one is starting to view yourself from that new identity.

Identify, the Find a Community

Once we are aware of how important our self-image is to who we are and what we are doing, we need to start to surround ourselves with people who support our decision to be different. Surprisingly, it often happens that those closest to us feel uncomfortable when we decide we want to change, that we want something better for our lives or our business. That is because they know us a certain way, and now we aren’t the same person anymore. So surrounding ourselves with people who support and understand what we are trying to accomplish can be super helpful in this scenario so that can move into that next, higher version of ourselves and feel supported while we do so. 

Final Takeaway: Your self-image affects every part of our business, make sure it’s a positive one. 

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