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Episode 537

Who is Cleaning Nation? Episode 537: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 537 – Who is Cleaning Nation?

It’s not just WHAT you do:

Hey Cleaning Nation! We seem to just jump into teaching every week and talk about WHAT to do, but WHO YOU ARE is so much more important! If you’re at all like me, you might have been or currently be focused on what to do better- whether it’s systems, strategies, or to do’s…
The longer I am in business and coach others to success, the more I see it’s all about WHO you are, then the WHAT you do becomes easy!

You certainly need the right systems and actions, that’s external and important, but your beliefs about business, yourself and your value are internal and CRUCIAL. I tried for years to just “squeeze” the “what to do” out of books and mentors. I would just ignore their encouragement to work on myself, my mindset and how I looked at business and the world. It was frustrating because I was only getting the tip of the iceberg above the water and not the giant chunk of ice underneath the water.

A Blindspot:

I could never see this “blind spot” in my life until I started coaching others and trying to figure out why the same systems work like gangbusters for most, but not for others. We actually invested in a mindset coach here at GMCC because this is so important! The problem is, everyone trying to sell you SEO, marketing services, software, etc and wants you to think THEIR thing is the answer. The truth is that there is a lot of great stuff in lots of those things, but without YOU changing, it’s never going to fix anything. You can put all the “upgrades” on a car, but with no engine or gas, you got nothin’! If you don’t get the mindset aspect right, you will always be subject to the external world (i.e. people quitting, COVID, etc). When you DO get this right, then nothing can stop you!

A lightbulb moment:

The best part is, while I was coaching YOU, you all coached me and helped me to see it’s who the OWNER is FIRST, and what systems he or she uses is secondary. Once I understood that, the light went on and I realized that I needed to work on and invest in myself FIRST, my team second, systems third and everything else when I get a chance.

So...WHO are you?

Based on that, WHO IS Cleaning Nation?

Cleaning Nation CHOOSES

  • What things MEAN
  • How they react
  • If or when to give up or change tact

Cleaning Nation is clear on and lives by their Core Values.

Cleaning Nation… Makes more money and has more fun than should be legal and they do it while being completely real and helping others because THAT is how we roll.

Cleaning Nation… Does LESS and Grows FAST.

Cleaning Nation… Is CONSTANTLY learning and growing- they invest in themselves first, their team second and systems third.

Cleaning Nation… Knows there is no such thing as a rich victim. Success or excuses- not both.

Cleaning Nation… Doesn’t beg, chase, or hard sell customers.The best customers come to them ready to buy.

Cleaning Nation… Doesn’t compete on price… Ever!

Cleaning Nation… Is FIRMLY in charge of their business- NOT the other way around.

Cleaning Nation… Is completely out of the field forever or working towards that as their number one goal. They get paid in the office, at home or on vacation!

Cleaning Nation… Doesn’t bribe or beg for talent- their culture ATTRACTS the best.

Cleaning Nation… Creates massive impact and leaves a legacy.

I have personally coached hundreds of owners and one to many coached tens of thousands and found THOSE traits are who succeeds. 

It’s not smarts, wealth, education, friends, it’s those things. I’ve seen those traits combined with the right systems and processes transform overworked cleaners into financially and time free owners. Owners who were stuck at a freedom or income level break through not only that, but to the next level of their personal lives and the lives of their families. 

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