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Episode 527

Which comes first- THE CLEANERS or the CLEANING? Episode 527: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 527
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Episode 527 – Which comes first- THE CLEANERS or the CLEANING?

Hey Cleaning Nation! It’s our industry’s version of the chicken or the egg: You never seem to have enough cleaners, but your hiring “process” makes you miserable and you can’t hire before you need more people. This is a recipe for a LOT of uncertainty: living in constant fear of your cleaners, never being able to bid confidently, always begging people to work more, fearing going back into the field…We are going to address this problem head on today!

False Belief: I should only hire cleaners when I need them.

This is a crazy belief, especially if you’re stuck and want to move forward! You ALWAYS need cleaners. Cleaners are our “inventory” and you need lots and lots of inventory because:

  • They quit (in bunches)
  • You get new jobs
  • You KNOW you SHOULD fire some. Be honest with yourself – if you don’t have a steady stream of new employees, that crappy employee KNOWS you need them.

False Belief: Hiring people is SUCH A HUGE pain.

Your current hiring SYSTEM is A HUGE PAIN! You might think you don’t have a system, but you still do! It just might be a terrible system that’s not scalable.

False Belief: I have to spend zero time hiring or ALL my time hiring.

You need a system that runs “behind the scenes” and does all of the hiring ALWAYS- with or WITHOUT you!

False Belief: I have to wade through dozens of crap applicants to get anyone.

You need a system that wades through everything so YOU (or your team) can handle everything without you. Instead of a “feast or famine” mindset with hiring employees, go with “small bites” every week, working on getting new employees – you or someone on your team only needs to put in 2-4 hrs week on hiring!

False Belief: It’s “ok” for me to have to beg my people to pick up work when someone calls in.

You need MORE people wanting work than you have work! THEY need to beg YOU for work- never the other way around! Again this is a systems problem and not a people problem.

False Belief: Me having to clean is ok.

The truth of the matter is, cleaning is the worst, but even the THREAT of you cleaning will stunt your company’s growth. If you’re worried that you have to clean, it’s hard for you subconsciously to really go out and get customers!

Once you have an AUTOMATED hiring system, you can focus 100% of your time on building an AMAZING culture and team and creating your client attraction systems- i.e. being an owner, NOT a cleaner/ cleaner wrangler!!

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