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Episode 046

Where to Advertise My Cleaning Company : Episode 046: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 046 – Where to Advertise My Cleaning Company

Where to Advertise My Cleaning Company

Today our fearless host Mike Campion chats with Jose Guerra owner of Five Star Janitorial ( who poses the question many of you have asked- where to advertise my cleaning company?? Jose is frustrated dealing with all sorts of salespeople trying to pitch him on a hundred different ways to spend money on advertising for his cleaning company.


Mike opens by sharing a very common mistake owners make in their online marketing efforts.


BONUS LOVIN: Show me the money!! It’s not about a bunch of “clicks” to your website- it’s about getting more customers!


Mike demystefies the top two reasons owners of cleaning companies DON’T make money when they invest in online marketing.


HINT: If you have the WRONG people at your website, it doesn’t matter how good your site is…


Listen in and discover how to get the right people to a website that ACTUALLY CONVERTS!


Before you can write great copy (words) for ANY advertising source- online, offline, website, direct mail, billboard- you MUST know your customer and what they truly want- their real pain, passion- hopes, dreams. And of course- Mike shares just how to get that crazy valuable info in today’s episode on where to advertise your cleaning company.


Cleaning Nation!! There IS a way to make your website IRRESISTIBLE to your perfect prospects and it is NOT a “one size fits all” strategy.


RESOURCE ALERT: If you want to dive deep into websites for your cleaning company, check out THIS free podcast HERE.


Mike talks about the insanity behind writing (selling) to stay at home moms the same way you would property managers or business owners. If you want customers to take action, you must speak to THEM!


Once you have the right traffic/ people and the right message- NOW you can add the secret sauce… Guess you will have to listen in to find out what it is…


You’re right- that would be cruel, I’ll spill the beans- the final piece to this puzzle is a strong, clear Call to Action. You will want to listen in to hear Mike cover examples of BAD calls to action that many of you are probably using right NOW!


BONUS LOVIN: Mike shares his super secret tactics to collecting prospects information so you can continue Give your customers what they want. Here Mike shares his super ninja tactic to collect good prospects info so you can follow up with them and turn them into bids.


Next Mike covers the importance of tracking and the two HUGE mistakes owners make when it comes to tracking where they advertise their companies. After listening to this episode, you will be able to identify the red flags that advertising salespeople fly to let you know that they are NOT for you and your company.


Before they move onto the lightening round, Mike drops some more wisdom on how to make sure you have a stable, consistent number of prospects coming in month in and month out.


BONUS LOVIN: When possible, get a free demonstration or trial use of advertising options


Finally, after all that, Mike explains the how’s and why’s behind getting strong references and how it can save you money and heartburn, along with exactly what to look for in a vendor to make sure you don’t get taken advantage of!


Before the party ends, Jose crushes it in the Lightening Round and here is what he shares:


Always get the contract

Don’t forget to take care of the clients you have when looking for new customers

After you listen to this amazing podcast  you are probably going to want MORE, so here it is:

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