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Episode 024

When to Hire an Accountant for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 024: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 024 – When to Hire an Accountant for Your Cleaning Company

When to Hire an Accountant for Your Cleaning Company
Jolene Vossen from Clean 4 You in Wichita Kansas rocks today’s podcast. Wanna know everything there is to now about Jolene and Clean 4 You? Check out their website at:

Mike and Jolene talk up a storm around when to hire an accountant for your cleaning company, accounting, taxes and bookkeeping- not to mention the difference between them and who to hire to handle all those numbers.

It all comes down to the face that knowing and understanding your numbers is non negotioable- no matter how bad you want to pawn it off onto your CPA, $10/ hour bookkeeper or any sucker that you can talk into it.

Here are some keys to get us started..

Track it
Report it
Use it to make good decisions
The best for last… TAXES!
You run into problems when you aren’t clear on what needs to be done, who should be doing it and when to hire them… Your CPA is NOT always the best choice (or even qualified) to tell you how to run your cleaning company. Don’t get me wrong- you need a CPA and can wander into all sorts of problems without one- the key is using the right tool for the job!

What about a bookkeeper you ask? Believe it or not- that can be a tricky question. You most certainly should NOT be spending massive amounts of time paying bills and on collections, but there can be some unintended consequences to hiring a bookkeeper. This position is sneakily important – most owners give this part of their organization far too little attention.

Once you get that little problem solved, you still need to know what all of those numbers mean and how to make good decisions with them. You can squeeze all of the good stuff out of your numbers and reports with a clear understanding of what they should be in a healthy business like yours. Don’t compare your commercial cleaning income/ expenses/ profit, etc to a maid service or disaster restoration- know what a healthy reports look like for YOUR business niche. This can save a lot of time and energy ignoring problems that need attention or trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

Want to wait till tax time to hire your CPA? That is bad news… listen in and find out why. No Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast would be complete without a famous Mike rant and this episode does not disappoint. Mike rants on bookkeeping and accounting systems that allow you not to spend too much time on accounting.

HINT: Are you spending over twenty hours a month on bookkeeping? If so… Stop it.

Want some more bookkeeping resources?? Check out the love from our friends at Intuit (Quickbooks) HERE

BONUS LOVE: How to know who you can trust give good financial direction to you and your company

Your job as a small business owner to cast the vision and use your numbers to make that vision a reality!

But wait… There’s more… Don’t forget about the Lightening Round!! Jolene hooks us up with how to be the best version of yourself and keep sanity in your life. That is the good stuff!!

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