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Episode 842

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Marketer: Episode 842


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Episode 842 – What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Marketer : Episode 842

Today on the podcast, we have our incredibly talented, well-traveled, in-house marketer Jered here to chat with Mike about hiring a marketer. This can be a tricky position to hire for, because marketers can be really good at showing you results that don’t actually help your bottom line. Today’s podcast will talk about what kind of results you can expect from a marketer, and how to ask the right questions to get the results that will start putting money back into your pocket.

Hire for Results

It is common in the marketing field to have someone come to you and promise lots of numbers that don’t help your bottom line. Getting high engagement on a social media post does very little to get you a lead or a client so those promises aren’t going to get you very far. As an example, if statistically, every fifth child in the world was Chinese, you couldn’t tell someone that if they had five children, the fifth one would be Chinese. The logic doesn’t line up in this example and it doesn’t line up that if someone gets you a certain amount of engagement on social media, that is going to turn into a certain number of leads. When it comes to hiring a marketer, you can hire them on a trial basis to make sure they are giving you the results you’re paying for. This is the best way to ensure you are both on the same page.

Where to Start

When it comes to hiring a qualified marketer, good leads aren’t the most important thing by any stretch of the imagination. Marketing comes from spending time on ads. In Jered’s case, he shadows someone for free who was really good at what he did. And he took what he learned from him and started working for an agency and got some of his own experience. As far as when to hire vs when to do it yourself, Jered recommends rubbing shoulders with people who have marketers doing something similar to what you’d want, and start asking them how much they pay and what that includes so you have a rough idea. Then, you can go on Youtube and start to learn the basics of marketing so you aren’t completely in the dark when you do hire someone but have an understanding of what your ad accounts should look like.

What to Do if You’re Not Ready to Hire a Marketer

If you aren’t ready to go all in on marketing yet and hire your own marketer, there are still things you can be doing to improve the branding of your company. The biggest thing Jered recommends is to simply start paying more attention to what is working around you. When you go on social media, pay attention to the ads that get shown to you. The cleaning industry isn’t a super creative one, so you can see what people in other fields are doing that stand out then put your own spin on it and bring that into your brand. In this way, you are creating something potential clients will resonate with and it’s completely free while you get your feet wet and until you are ready to hire a professional. 

Final Takeaway: Educating yourself is a really helpful step towards preparing to bring a marketer into your company. 

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